purple and green

an exchange student arives and magic stirs as her secret is revealed

I own nothing! im not JK.Rowling (unfortunatly) i only own the plot


3. Electric Charges

The next day started off pretty slowly, the inhabitance of Hogwarts werent yet used to the 7 am starts and therefore breakfast was slow and quiet, not much taking bloomed but an unusual whisper swept across the hall when Zoe arrived, she had left her hair down but instead of it being bright purple her hair had turned turqouise blue, Hermione waved at her, as Zoe made her way down the table to sit with Hemrione people wolf whistled her. She sat down nerously infornt of Hermione who looked up and smiled "Good Morning Zoe did you sleep well?" Hermione asked

"Yes very well, thank you"

"Nice hair" said a voice behind Zoe, Hermione looked up and burst out laughing, Zoe who was confused by this turned round. Draco Malfoy was stood behind her with Acid Green coloured hair that was perfectly parted like it always was "yours too" she said with a nervous smie on her face, he smiled at her and handed her a piece of paper bwofre winking at her and walking away, she was left looking in his direction with wonderous eyes, she turned back to Hermione who had swallowed some cereal and was currently chocking with disbelief "D-ddd-raco Mal-malfoy" Hermione asked trying to get her words out of her choking throat "he seems nice" Zoe said innocently

"He is far from nice Zoe trust me, i've been a victim of Malfoy's taunts for 5 years" Hemrioen said now that she had regained speach "well maybe he's changed, now that the wars over and all" sais Zoe

"I highly doubt that" Hermione said coldly

"Oh Hermione lighten up! If you get to know him he's a rather nice chap" Harry said through a mouth full of sausages.

"Nice chap! Ha dont be ridiculous Harry" Hermione said.

Zoe turned around and saw draco looking at her, he winked and then turned to talk to his friend sitting next to him she suddenly felt a spark of electricity course up through her spine, she screamed and everything went black. "Zoe, ZOE Dumbledore we need to take her to the hospital wing" Hermione shouted

"Draco, DRACO, sir Draco needs to go to!" Blaise shouted, Hermione looked at Blaise who hrugged his shoulders. Hermione and Blaise were good friends as they were Head girl and Head boy and shared a dormitory. Draco and Zoe dissapeared in a flash, they looked up at dumbledore who had his wand pointed at where they had just dissapeared "go to the Hospital wing" He said to Hermione and Blaise, they looked at each other and hurried out of the Great hall.

When they got to the Hospital they saw Draco and Zoe lay on two beds oposite each other they were both unconsious their hair had turned a Violent shade of red, their right sleaves had been pulled up and two strange purple and green lines wove in and out of each other just beneath their hands. Madam Pomfrey was hurridly trying to get these lines off their arms with various incantation but failing in the atempt "Madam Pomfrey, so you need any help?" Hermione asked the woman "what oh im just trying to ge these marks off them but its impossible its like a tattoo" Draco and Zoe remaind unconcious until 8;00 that night Hermione and Blaise had just come back up to the hospital wing when Draco gave a large intake of breath and opened his eyes, he lay there panting, looking around "Where is she?" Draco said desperatly

"who?" Hermione asked

"Zoe, how is she?"

"umm she-shes still unconcious"

"Help me up so i can see her"

"Draco how do you know Zoe's here?" hermione asked

"I imprinted on her" he said looking at Zoe"

"What do you mean?"

"She's a Veela, so am I, when a Veela meets thier match their body imprints on them, it sends a small shock to their bodies, but something went wrong" draco said almost in tears he sat down in a chair next to Zoe's head, he held her hand in his and kissed it. Zoe stirred and woke up, she smiled at Draco and he smiled back Madam Pomfrey came out of her office and gazed at the scene beofre saying "Professor Dumbledore would like to see you four in his office"

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