purple and green

an exchange student arives and magic stirs as her secret is revealed

I own nothing! im not JK.Rowling (unfortunatly) i only own the plot


1. Christmas time

Harry and Hermione were sat oposite each other infront of large fireplace eating mince pies off a large silver tray and playing wizard chess, in the corner stood a huge fir Christmas tree decorated in cand canes, bows and a little santa clause that flew round on his sleigh. Snow was beating down hard on the window so much that the outside world had been lost in a sea of white. "Harry" Lily called from the kitchen as she prepared the christmas dinner the muggle way "Harry, do you know where your fathers got to?" She called again

"I think he went to meet Lupin and Sirius" Harry called back

"that father of yours will never do anything he's told, and the dinners almost ready and i bet he'll be out for hours oh bother!" Lily said appearing round the kitchen door, she was wearing a patchwork apron and a pair of huge red oven gloves on. Her bright red hair had been scraped back into a messy bun, her cheeks were red and warm.

"Mum im sure dad will be back soon, he knows dinner's almost ready" Harry said assuring his worried mother."Right so where were we, oh yeah, Queen to E9" a little figurine that was perched on a little black square gave a start and moved up the board to the sqaure harry had said "and i believe that is Checkmate" Harry had said with a proud grin on his face.

The door of the house burst open and three men covered in snow appeared from the road. The first of men; James, was tall and lanky with a pair of glasses hugging his nose, his face was sturctured and impressive his hair was black and messy and wild, his hands were danngling at his side, he had a pale complextion and bright brown eyes. The next man; Lupin was slightly smaller with a larger frame, he was wearing a smart shirt with a pullover on top his hair was lightbrown and perfectly parted to the side, his face was soft but dark, you could see the werewolf reflected in his bright blue eyes. Sirius had chin length wavy dark brown scruffy hair, his beard had been left to grow and his clothes were ripped, his eyes looked sunken like he hadnt slep in a while. Upon hearing the door close Lily came rushing into the living room with a stern gave on her face."James Potter! How long have you been?" Lily shouted her hands on her waist "Hi love" James said giving a little nervous laugh, he went to Lily and kissed her cheek. Everyone in the room was silently looking at James who was getting a slient killing by Lily. Lupin being the peacemaker, decided to defuse the tension caused by saying "Hermione dear, i thought you were at Hogwarts?" Every since the war Hermione was unable to lift the memory charm she performed on her parents so Sirius who lived in Grimauld place by himself adopted Hermione. "well i was at Hogwarts but there was only three of us, so Dumbledore sent us to friends houses" Hermione said

"oh well its lovely to have you" said james breaking eye contact with Lily to smile at Hermione

"Dinner smells delicious dear" James said looking back at Lily

"james the dinner is ready and yet you didnt set the table"

"i know and im sorry but i have a wand"

"James you promised we were going to have a Muggle Christmas this year, it took me all of yesterday and today to get this dinner ready, and i gave you one tiny little job to do and you didnt do it!" Lily said looking upset and disappointed. There was a sudden knock at the door and all six faces looked up, sirius went over and opened the door "oh hello Ron" Sirius said, Harry looked at Hermione who's eyes had grown to slits. After the war Ron and Hermione tried to have a relationship but it failed and with it so did their friendship. Ron walked in over the threshold and gazed upon the scene infornt of him, Harry ran and hugged his best friend when they broke apart Ron nodded in Hermiones direction  who breathed inwards with coldness and looked away. The air solidified so much that you could cut it with a knife "umm Ron your just in time for dinner, do sit down" Lily said trying to defuse he tension Dinner was served and everybody ate silently and then retired to the sofas. After the exchanging of presents and large helpings of cake Hermione stood and said "Harry im sorry but i think im going to head off" She gave him a look and he nodded, he knew she didnt feel comfotable in Ron's presence anymore "okay, Merry Christmas Hermione" Harry said

"i'll see you soon, thank you for dinner Lily, and thankyou for all the lovely presents" Hermione hugged everyone and left hastily, When she got home she started packing, school started soon and she couldnt wait. while she was in the middle of packing, she fell asleep.

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