purple and green

an exchange student arives and magic stirs as her secret is revealed

I own nothing! im not JK.Rowling (unfortunatly) i only own the plot


5. An Unscheduled Arrival

At 7:00 on the 5th of January Draco, Zoe, Hermione and Blaise were woken up to the sound of knocking. Wiping his eyes Draco got up and went into the common room, it was a large oval room with 2 huge glass windows one that looked over the black lake and the other that looked over the Hogwarts grounds,there were two large red and green velvet sofas in the middle of the room, a large bookshelf up to the ceiling  lined the curved wall, a door stood central oposite the staircase to the dormitories it had a big bronze handle draco reached out and turned the handle andpulled the door open, at a first glance there was nobody there so Draco closed the door he walked 3 steps away from the door when 'Nock nock nock!' she stood still confused,he turned back to the door and opened it again "Master Draco" came a tiny little voice he looked down and saw Dobby looking up at him wearing a stripy scary and odd paired socks on ech foot, his huge ears were covered in a bobble hat beanie, ever since Harry had tricked Dobby into thinking that Lucius freed him Dobby has always visited Draco as Draco always treated Dobby with respect. "Dobby what on earth are you doing here" Draco asked. "Dobby has come to warn master Draco" Dobby said quietly and fearfully

"warn me, what do you mean?" Draco aksed

"Your parents master"

"What about them?" Draco said getting angry at Dobbys vagueness

"Dobby must not speak ill of his master"

"Dobby i order you to tell me" Draco said his voice getting sterner

"Masters parents are coming"

"Parents...plural, you mean my father as well?"

"thats what mistress said"

silence fell between the two before a sudden idea fell on Draco

"Dobby did my mother say anything about why she's here"

"mistress said that master Draco imprinted"

"How the hell does she know!?"

"She said a change about the family tree"

"Dobby how do you know all of this?"

"Dobby heard mistress say it, Dobby was visiting Mitzy in the kitchens and heard mistress shout it"

"Why is my father coming?"

"Mistress thought he should see who masters lady friend is"

"UARGGHH" Draco hit the side of the door with so much force that the sound reverbarated inside the common room

"Thank you Dobby you've been a huge help, really"

"Dobby serves master well as master has been so kind to Dobby"

"Thanks for telling me, you may go now Dobby"

"Yes master, thank you master"

Draco closed the door and ran back to the domitories, he banged hard on Hermione and Blaise's door and then on his own, he shouted to the occupants to meet him in the comon room when their dressed.

draco then went back to the common room and sat on the sofa about 5 minuets later he heard footsteps "Draco why the hell did you wake us up so early, its like what 8;00" Hermione said wearily

"i know and i'm sorry but it's urgent!"

"What's so urgent! it's the first time ive actually slept!" Zoe said, her hair had turned a beautiful shade of blonde.

"Zoe your hair!" Draco said admiringly he walked towards her and ran his hands through her long soft hair.

"i know its changed to its original colour, i think i prefer it purple to be honest"

"It's gorgeous, my hair changed too, but i think i prefer mine green, you know keep faithful to my house colours"

"well its still gorgeous" she embraced Draco and they spent a minuet looking into each others eyes, until Blaise cleared his throat

"Not being funny mate, i'm happy for you and everything but come on please!" Blaise shouted

"Oh yes right sorry, so i have something to tell you"

"What is it Draco" Zoe asked

"My parents are coming"

"why is that bad?" Blaise asked confused

"The wall changed...they know"

"Are you being serious!" Blaise shouted. Draco nodded "My god how could you have been so careless!" he added

"Look i didnt know this would happen i just thought it would wait until it was official" Draco said trying to make it seem okay

"Well im not being funny mate but it kind of is official" Blaise said his voice getting seirous

"Yeah but i didnt know it would be!"

"Woah hold up, what the hell are you going on about, what wall" Hermione asked

"The Malfoy family tree, its a wall in my mothers Library when the people either get married or pregnant it adds another line and another name, Zoe was added when i imprinted on her"

"So what, why is this a problem?"

"The Malfoy family moto is Aquila non capto volat it means The eagle does not capture flies" Blaise explained

"Nice family" Hermione said sarcasticly

"Hm i know, anyway it means that they dont deal with insignificant issues, or people who arent the same status as them"

"So whats the problem"

"Veela families are generally on the same status as each other, and run parallel to each other that date all the way back to the 16th century, mostly Veela families try to stay away from each other as veela's only imprint on full humans. Draco's family and Zoe's family have been enemies for centuries, its just the way it's been" Blaise finished

"So what's going to happen?" Zoe asked nervously

"My parents are going to test our anger"

"do you know how powerful you are yet?" Blaise questioned

"i know how powerful i am, but me and zoe together is verging on world domination" Draco said

"So if they try and split you up" Hermione started

"Then their in danger" Draco finished

"well its probably going to be a while until they come so...what do you want to do?" Blaise asked

"Explore, go for a walk, i want to see the lake" Zoe said

"Well me and Blaise have a head meeting with the prefect so you and Draco could probably go for a walk and get to know each other" Hermione siad

"that seems good, yeah lets go then" Draco said


the clock in the tower had just chimed 4:00 Draco and Zoe were sat down by the lake speaking "So where did you grow up?" draco asked

"i grew up in paris, but I was born in england"

"How come you moved to france?"

"My parents died when i was 8 and i went to live with my grandmother, my parents were french so i guess i am, but i wasnt born there"

"I'm really sorry,you must miss them"

"yeah sometimes, I don't really think about it much, i guess losing my parents made me want to have a huge family, so that ive always got someone"

"Well you've always got me...which i'm kind of sorry about"

"im sure i'll cope some how" they smiled at each other and draco threw some stones in the water

"So what was your childhood like?" Zoe asked

"well i didnt really see my parents, my dad didnt like seeing me and my mum always had to obey my father, they didnt like it when i cried, my dad used to hit me if i disobeyed him my house elf looked after me until i was 15 and when i turned 16 i moved in with blaise for each summer and stayed at Hogwarts every christmas, ive always hated having a family, i was always better off on my own but meeting someone with no family has made me appreciate it really"

"I've never really known any different, because i was so young i dont really remember it but i get upset when people talk about how much they love having a mum, i never had that so i feel kind of jealous"

"well if its any consolation i dont much love my parents, ive never had that connection with them beauce i never saw the much"

"Why did your father leave? if you dont mind me asking"

"My mother was a Veela but she never imprinted on my father, he had made an unbreakable vow with my mother when they were 18 and about 6 years ago my mother imprinted on a man who was already married, then last august my father found out because the man my mother imprinted on died, well my father got angry and took it out on me, well my mother being a Veela got angry and so my dad cleared off...good ridance"

"i'm sorry Draco" Zoe said putting her hand on his, their foreheads touched and their lips were about to touch when hermione showed up she stopped right next to them and they broke apart, she had her hand on her chest and she was panting, her cheeks were flushed red and her hair was messy "Draco your parents are here" she said in between her intakes of breath. They hurridly jumped up and ran up toward the school, just before thye reached the enterance draco stopped and turned to face Zoe "Zo stop, if we both go in there my parents might just kill me and you, and granger if you come their going to think i imprinted on you, and i dont really want you to meet my crazy aunt again so please stay out here and ill try to calm them down and then ill come and find you. Please stay here"

"Okay we'll stay out here, we'll meet you in the common room at about 8 and then we'll go down to dinner." Hermione said

"I'll see you soon Draco" he kissed her cheek and pulled her into a hug


Draco walked back up the grand staircase and went along the corridor and stood outside the headmasters office, he debated with his consious weather he should run away or weather he should stay and face his parents his consious won and so he said the password and went up the revolving staircase, he walked towards the door and lifted his hand to knock but couldnt bring hiself to do it, he thought of all the things his father had done to him and subconsiously like his consious had some how taken over his hand it nocked on the door three times, the noise shattered the silence and Draco suddenly felt vulnerable like he was a little boy again and he had been sent into his fathers study. The door swung open and he could see his mother and father sat facing the desk, he saw Dumbldore and he nodded and made Draco feel a little better. timidly Draco edged into the room, his father turned round "Ah Draco do come and sit down" Lucius said to his son. Draco moved and sat in between his Mother and Father Dumbledore started to speak

"Now Mr and Mrs. Malfoy to what do i owe this pleasure?"

"Well you see i woke up and noticed that a name has been added to the family tree, its magical and is never wrong, the name came off Draco's and we just want to know who she is" Narcissa said

"Oh yes i had the pleasure of meeting the girl, she is an exchange student from Bauxbatons, a very beautiful girl, i believe is my memory is correct her name is zoe"

"Yes well we wanted to meet her if she is to be the next Malfoy heir, but if we dont aprove of her then Draco cannot be allowed to marry her"

"I dont think you are aware but Draco has imprinted on this girl"

"We are fully aware of what our son has foolishly done headmaster!"

"Well then you must be aware that Draco will not leave this girl, it is impossible"

"Nothing is impossible to a Malfoy. My son will do what i say and i am not about to let him throw his life away"

"Draco how do you feel about this girl"

"She is now my life and yes father i will not throw my life away"

"and on that note i should go and check on some people in the Hospital wing"

"Draco how can you say this! We havent even met the girl!"

"Father her name is Zoe she beautiful and she is the most amazing creature ever, i love her father. Which is why weather you like it or not i am going to marry her father"

"That's perposturous dont be silly Draco you will not marry her!"

"Father i already have"


His father turned and faced Draco, his mother just looked at him, he had forgotten that she was there she was scared of Lucius and never spoke when he was around.

"When I Imprinted on her I performed an ancient bonding ritual, were souly bonded but i want to make it official"

"I will not let you, Narcissa...come!"

Lucius got up from his chair and walked towards the door he didnt reach the door as Narcissa didnt move, Draco stared at her, Lucius looked at her and then repeated himself "Narcissa...come!"

"No Malfoy i will not" Narcissa said standing up

"Dont be stupid Narcissa you are my wife you obey me"

"No i do not Malfoy, i am not your wife and so i do not obey you"

"You insolence stupid women, how dare you!" He strode towards her and lifted his hand to slap her, Narcissa didnt cower and so Lucius carried on, he hit her around the cheek. Narcissa fell to the floor. Draco's blood started to boil his hands started to buzz with electricity his face burned red, Lucius bent down over Narcissa and raised his hand to hit her again, Draco's hand shot towards his fathers back and a ball of fire shot out of his palm and hit his fathers back, his father collapsed in a head next to his mother.

Across the grounds Hermione and Zoe were walking down by the lake when suddenly Zoe gave a huge intake of break "Zoe? Are you okay!" Hermione shouted

"No Draco, he's in trouble! My arm!" Hermione pulled Zoe's sleave up to see her Bond mark which is usually purple and green. Burn red, the lines seemed to glow. a line for blood trickkled down her palm and fall to the floor.

"Where is he?"

"Well i dont know! Dumbledores office, thats where he went!"

they went up to Dumbledores office, screaming the pasword to the gargoyle as they past it and pushed the door open. Draco's mother was sat on a chair draco was knelt in front of her dabbing at her swollen eye "Draco!" Zoe shouted as she entered the door

"Zo! Why are you here?"

"My Wrist i thought you were in danger"

"Well i was but...well i can shoot fire out of my hands!"

he reached out for her hand but pulled back as her skin burned his fingers

"Jeez zo! what the hell" he pulled her sleaves up to reveal her wrist covered in blood, the outline of purple and green had been overtaken with the redness of her blood

"We need to take her and my mum to the hospital wing"

"Well it seems my son isnt going to introduce me himself so hello, im Narcissa"

"Hi im Zoe"

"I knew your mother, wonderful woman. Lucius forbbided me to see her, I take it your a Veela too, well Draco is there something you wanted to ask this young lady?" Narcissa said pulling off her engagment ring and handing it to Draco

"Um yeah, Zoe i know this is very fast but your stuck with me forever and i just want to know if you want to marry me?"

Zoe gave a little giggle and ran at Draco she embraced him in a hug and kissed his lips it was their first kiss and it sent a spark up their spine, she pulled away and put her hands on his cheeks "yes, yes, of course i will" he slid the ring over her small delicate finger

"right lets go to the hospital wing"

"Wait draco, i dont want to wait, i mean we're already married but i dont want to have to wait until after i get back to france, lets get married soon, i dont need a dress, i just need you please Draco, lets just do it"

"Okay, in 2 days we'll get married"

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