purple and green

an exchange student arives and magic stirs as her secret is revealed

I own nothing! im not JK.Rowling (unfortunatly) i only own the plot


2. A French Arivval

Harry, Ron and Hermione were sat at the Gryffindor table on the 2nd of January the start of term feast had just ended and Dumbledore stood to begin the speech "welcome to all students, i would like to start the speech by welcoming a new student who will be staying here for a week, she is an exchange student from bauxbatons academy for ladies, and is re-doing her 7th year and as part of her A History of Magic course she is required to be part of an Exchange, she will be staying in the Gryffindor dormitories and is in need of a partner to show her around, so please give a warm welcome to Zoe Raven, Dumbledore pointed to a young girl seated next to Ron, she had bright purple waist length hair that had been pinned into a plat, she wore Gryffindor robes and smiled nervously at all the faces staring at her. Dumbledore cleared his throat and everyone turned their attention back to him "she looks weird" Hermione whispered to Harry "No she doesn’t she's beautiful" Harry said gawking at her, across the hall the newcomer was causing a stir between the Slytherin's "You reckon she's a Veela?" Blaise asked Draco.

"Defiantly, but why is her hair Purple?" Draco asked

"You reckon she's an animagus too? Blaise asked again

"No, i don’t think so, maybe it’s a Veela thing" Draco said again

"I don’t think i care she's beautiful" Blaise said admiring her

"I know she's gorgeous" Draco said. Pans overheard this and snorted loudly

"Beautiful PFFT, She looks like a crayon" Pansy laughed maliciously

Draco rolled his eyes and stood up and walked away

Hermione moved in front of Zoe "Hello i am Hermione I’m head girl"

"I’m Zoe" the girl said with only a tiny hint of a French accent

"I’m only a quarter French; my grandmother brought me up after my parents were killed"

"Oh I’m so sorry" Hermione said shocked

"Its okay i never really met them, it's beautiful here"

Dumbledore voice returned to their ears "Just a little thing to think about, now pip pip off to bed" Dumbledore said finishing his speech, the sound of benches scrapping the floor filled the hall, "can you show me where Gryffindor is?" Katie asked Hermione

"Sure" she replied leading Katie out of the room.


Dear Diary,


Hogwarts is strange, it's big with long corridors lit by fire torch, it will defiantly take me a while to get used to it, when i was welcomed at the feast everybody stared, i felt like a tiny mouse surrounded by hungry cats it was so scary, i met this girl called Hermione, she's the head girl, she's nice and kind and showed me around, i like her. She's the only person who has spoken to me, everyone just stares at me. My Veela senses haven’t started yet but my hair has started to change colour, Grandmother says that’s what happens when you’re a Veela, as i was walking down the corridor, a boy looked at me and winked, he was very handsome, he was tall and had blonde hair he was in the green house think it was called Slytherin, I’ll have to ask Hermione about him. I don’t think I’ll learn my way around the castle in the seven days in here but I’m sure ill get the hang of it tomorrow.

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