Albus Potter and the Impossible Prophecy

Albus Severus Potter is the son of the infamous Harry Potter and his wife Ginny Potter. He and his friends arrive at Hogwarts like every other first year via a boat trip across the Black lake, but when something occurs in the Great Hall a terrifying prophecy is shown to him by headmistress McGonagall, a prophecy which in magical lore should be impossible, but is beginning to take place as Albus' time begins at the school...


1. The Prophecy


   Albus Severus Potter stepped from the Hogwarts Express into the crisp cool air on the Hogsmeade platform, his cousin dropping from the train beside him. Just as mischievous as her father before her Rose Weasley sported blazing red hair which flopped in an unruly fashion over he left eye no matter how many times she pulled it back.

   Meeting with the friends he had had throughout his childhood he, Rose and the three Longbottoms, Remus, Hermione and Nymphadora all shouldered their satchels and stared in awe at the giant who was stood before them. They’d all been told how big Hagrid was supposed to be but Albus had never expected him to be this big; he was enormous! His great patched coat was twice the height of even the tallest folks on the platform Albus noted and the massive shaggy mane that was his beard could have hidden a sword and no one would have noticed.

   ‘First years!’ he bellowed, ‘First years this way! Oh, hello there, you must be Albus.’ The giant leant down and ruffled Albus’ hair with a massive hand. ‘I knew your dad I did. Bright lad and I’m sure he told you about what happened to him at Hogwarts.’ With a knowing wink Hagrid stood up and led Albus and his fellow first years to an abundance of boats bobbing gently up and down on the waves of the Black Lake.

   Boarding the vessels in twos he and Rose went together whilst the Luna and Neville’s three kids managed to squeeze into one, the lantern on the bow wobbling violently as they did so. With a sudden judder they glided over the still waters like a flock of birds all travelling together along a dark sky.

   The Hogwarts castle soon came into vision and the incredible spectacle sparked awe and wonder among the first years who pulled on one another’s robes and pointed out different towers and halls.

   ‘That’s the Great Hall.’ piped up Rose beside him, ‘I read about it – the roof is supposed to be enchanted, I mean actually enchanted!’

   ‘My dad always said your mum was a know-it-all at school,’ Albus chuckled, ‘looks like you’re gonna be just the same.’

   Rose put on a mock insulted face which she kept up till they were all stood outside the massive doors leading to the hall Rose had mentioned. The Great Hall. Albus had heard of it from his parents but both had said he’d never understand it until he’d seen it.

   Standing there they could hear the voices from behind which suddenly were cut off and replaced by the click-click-click of heeled shoes on the cold flagstones beyond the doors. The sound became louder and louder before one of the lofty doors slid open slightly and through the gap slid a thin, green-robed woman with utterly white hair and a pointy witch’s hat.

   ‘Good evening first years.’ said she, ‘as some of you may know, I am Professor Minerva McGonagall and I am both head of Gryffindor house and headmistress here at Hogwarts. In a moment we shall proceed into the hall where you will be sorted into your separate houses by our resident Sorting Hat.’

   After a brief explanation of the houses and the base rules at the school they were led into the massive hall to a wondrous spectacle. Before them four massive tables stretched the length of the huge hall most of the spaces on the equally long benches filled with elder students who grinned at them warmly. Shiny silver plates and golden goblets were laid before each of them along with pristine cutlery which glinted in the light of the flaming braziers at the walls and the flickering light of the thousands of floating candles which hovered high in the air. Looking further up they could see the dark clouds of the night rolling and tumbling over one another as if there were no roof at all to the hall. Faded murals still bore their original beauty and filled every wall where a window out into the night was not placed and presented many complicated and beautiful scenes and symbols from Hogwarts’ past.

   Proceeding to the head of the hall the lot of them grouped round a small stool placed before the teachers’ table upon which sat a battered old hat with flaps for eyes and a mouth. It was just a little creepy Albus thought, a talking hat.

   Professor McGonagall rolled out a long list upon which were the names of every first year that stood before the four long tables.

   ‘Rose Weasley.’ she called and with an excited squeak Albus’ friend hurried to sit on the chair and was almost instantly placed in Gryffindor to the cheers and screams of the house.

   ‘Scorpius Malfoy.’ Before the hat had even touched his head Scorpius was on his way to Slytherin with an excited grin on his face.

   ‘Albus Potter.’ The boy strode up to the stool and as McGonagall looked down at him fondly she placed the hat on his head. It twisted his head from Slytherin to Gryffindor in turn, mumbling to itself as it did so.

   ‘Hmmmm, where to put you. It’s a tricky one this.’ It pondered for a while before McGonagall leant down and Albus heard her hiss something to do with hurrying up. ‘I can’t.’ the hat replied, ‘it isn’t clear where to put him.’

   Though Albus couldn’t see for his head was turned the other way by the hat the colour in Minerva’s face vanished to be replaced with a terrified white. Suddenly she stood up and yelled to the crowds, ‘Gryffindor!’

   She ushered him in the direction of the table but as he caught her eye Albus could tell something was terrifically wrong. Putting the matter to the back of his mind he sat down among the Weasleys and the Longbottoms, Rose’s twin cousins Fred and Roxanne chuckling together a short way off and pointing at the top table as Professor Slughorn sneakily swapped his plate with Flitwick’s as McGonagall gave a headmistress speech.

   That night after the feast as they were proceeding to their dormitories the headmistress caught Albus’ arm and directed him through many corridors to a large griffin with its arms spread wide to almost cover the entire hollow area.

   ‘If you wouldn’t mind I would like to speak with you.’ she said and they both stood in the cover of the wings as the headmistress touched one of the wings. ‘Sherbet lemon.’ she pronounced clearly and they began to rise on a turning staircase until they reached the top and a dark wooden door stood before them.

   ‘Please, come in to my office.’ Minerva said gesturing he enter.

   Albus didn’t really notice all the wondrous objects surrounding him for he was rather worried. ‘Am I in trouble?’ he asked as the tall woman sat behind a large desk in a chair that could have been a throne it was so fine.

   ‘I trust you know who that is?’ she said pointing at the portrait above her of a long white-bearded man dozing in his chair. Albus nodded. ‘It is the man whom you are named after Albus,’ Minerva continued, ‘and he was the one who told your own father about a certain type of magic whilst in his time at Hogwarts.’

   ‘What magic?’ he asked.

   ‘Albus Dumbledore was the one to tell Harry that no spell can truly bring back the dead. I trust he passed this onto you.’ Albus nodded again. ‘Ah, good, but I have to tell you that though that was true at the time; it appears that tonight that has all changed.’

   ‘I don’t quite follow.’ Albus told her, puzzled as to what this all had to do with him.

   Professor McGonagall pulled a crystalline sphere from a drawer in the desk and held it forth for him to see, a blue-white smoke swirling gently, calmly at its centre. ‘Do you know what this is?’

   ‘Yeah, my mum and dad told me about them. It’s a prophecy isn’t it?’

   ‘Indeed it is, and your parents would know all about them since they were a big part of their fifth year here. Anyway, recently this prophecy was found in the depths of the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries and it appears it wasn’t there before. It refers to you Albus, and though most times prophecies only can be heard by those they refer to this one appears to be different in the fact that anyone can hear it, even I can hear what it’s saying.’

   ‘But why does this have anything to do with me? Why am I here?’ Albus asked slightly impatiently.

   Professor McGonagall sighed, ‘Because Albus, this prophecy says that there are thirteen seals which need to be broken for a certain event to happen, for a certain person to rise from the dead, truly and utterly. And the Sorting Hat being unable to sort you is one of them. I don’t know what it is with you Potter’s but you always seem to wind up in trouble.’

   ‘And who is it who is supposed to rise?’ Albus queried, ‘Voldemort?’

   The Professor shook her head sadly. ‘Salazar Slytherin himself.’

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