that's what makes you beautiful

This is a story about zayn malik (from One Direction) and how he finds love in the most unexpected way


1. Intro

Zayn's P.O.V

Today i woke up thinking just another boring day in the life of sexy and fabulous but boring life of Mr. Zayn Malik. little did i know that after today something would change my life forever.....

I woke up and did the normal things like anyone else would do have a shower , get changed (but i don't really like too because i love being shirtless),and freshening up for the day. i went to my kitchen in my tiny apartment in Bradford and looked in the fridge and in the cupboards..........CRAP OUTTA FOOD! so i put on my coat and scarf and walked down the road to my favorite cafe' i ordered my coffee and a bacon and egg sandwich and when i bumped into a girl. Not just any girl she was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen she had short dark brown hair short and thin and bright green eyes and a smile that would make even a homeless person smile on a bad day. I hadn't noticed that she had dropped her things because i was staring at her. i quickly bent down and helped her she smiled at me honestly my heart skipped a beat i couldn't believe that she was this gorgeous!

she quickly got up and said 

"Thank you for that you didn't need too " she said

"No problems doll it wasn't your fault anyway i made the mistake not you" i smiled 

 she smiled back and as she was about go 

" The name is Malik" i blurted out 

"Huh?" she said a little confused 

"Zayn Malik" i replied she smiled 

"My name is Grace Smith" she flashed her beautiful smile

again and i was speechless it was so intoxicating and amazing it just drew you into to her.

she offered her hand out to me for a hand shake i took her hand shook it and looked into her gorgeous bright green eyes.

" I better get going i have UNI in half an hour" Grace said 

my smile faded i didn't want her to leave i wanted to know more about her and look into those amazing green eyes again and watch her dazzling smile once more.

" Goodbye " I said with a friendly smile 

she was about to leave the cafe and i quickly said 

" Will i see you again?" i smiled hopefully 

Grace Smiled and said 

" I'm sure i will run into you again soon" she said and dazzled me with her amazing smile 

and with that she was gone out of the cafe and started walking away. 

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