that's what makes you beautiful

This is a story about zayn malik (from One Direction) and how he finds love in the most unexpected way


6. Interesting Dinner

Zayn's P.O.V

I was still starring at at Louis and Grace talking when they started to head towards us i panicked and didn't know what to do, but i kept a calm look on my face so Grace wouldn't know any different. Also as they were coming over i noticed Louis with an enormous grin on his face i glared at him but that just made his smile grow wider. 

When they finally reached the table Louis pulled a chair in between me and him (trust) and she sat down a little awkwardly but i glanced at her with a smile plastered across my face. 

"This is Niall,Liam and Harry" Louis exclaimed and adding on "You already know Zayn" in a cheeky voice 

"Hello nice to meet you i'm Niall" Niall said with a smile 

"Hello I'm Liam" Liam said with a half smile 

"Hello I'm Harry Nice to meet you oh btw do you have a boyfriend?" Said harry i glared at him but he just winked at me mouthing the words you will thank me later 

"Hi Niall,Liam and Harry i am well thank you and no i dont have a boyfriend Harry" she said with a gorgeous smile that was so addictive it made everybody else in the room smile back at her.

Our food came and i felt so nervous around her it wasn't funny, I didn't know what to do all i knew is that i wanted to be with her and that i wanted to get to know her better.

"So how was your day Grace?" I blurted out 

"It was fine thank you how was your's?" she smiled and i went speechless i didn't know what to say after about half a second she went back to eating and then i thought to myself i am such an idiot why cant i talk to her like a normal person?

"It was good" i managed to say she just smiled and went back to eating 

i started to eat some and i was trying to think of things to talk to her about and i could think of any 

"So do you fancy anyone?" Harry said, she blushed before answering 

"Maybe i have a little crush on someone but i dont know if he will like me back" She looked disappointed and so was i, i have competition now great i just really want to make her mine but if she already like someone else what am i going to do?

Louis flashed a big smile at her and i think she might have kicked him under the table because he had a hurt expression on his face about 5 seconds later.

When we were all done i was wondering if i should ask her out or not, maybe i will be pressuring her into something she dosent want, what will i do then ?

"Can i talk to you Grace?" i asked quietly but loud enough for her to hear 

"Sure, What's up?" she smiled 

" I was wondering if you would like to go see a movie or something together?" I asked 

Her face lit up in that moment and so did mine 

" I would love too!" She said excitedly

i hugged her and we exchanged phone numbers after that we walked back to the boys and we said good bye to her and headed back to my apartment. 



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