that's what makes you beautiful

This is a story about zayn malik (from One Direction) and how he finds love in the most unexpected way


3. Dinner With The Boys

Zayn's P.O.V

I spent the rest of my day thinking about that gorgeous girl i ran into today..... At around 5:00pm the rest of the boys came around there was: 

Niall my little Irish leprechaun and a good mate to talk to about feelings and stuff 

Harry the cheeky one who will bang anything and is very flirty with any girl 

Liam, He is like the father to us all and he keeps us all organised and things like that and is very responsible and stuff,

Last but not least 

LOUIS TOMLINSON he is the joker of our group and can make anyone laugh and he is very serious about his carrots.

They were all good lads and my best mates and we all work together which is so much fun and i love it.

As soon as they all walked into the door the first one to greet me was Louis he came and gave me a giant hug and he nearly killed me with his hug it took me a moment to catch my breath as soon as he released me i took a big sigh of relief and then hugged all of the other boys. We spent a hour chilling and talking about what we did in the day when it came to my turn i told them all about the gorgeous girl i had run into this morning Grace. they all seemed interested and they were asking questions like 

Are you going to see her again ?

Did you get her number ?

What was she wearing ?

Does she like carrots ?

I answered them all apart from the last one giving Louis a sarcastic look.

Niall soon changed the subject and asked 

" you have any food zayn?" 

"No sorry Niall" he looked disappointed until his face lit up 

"WE CAN GO TO NANDOS !!" he quickly shouted (Niall Loves Nandos)

Everyone quickly agreed and the leprechaun had a big smile on his face. We all quickly got our coats and scarfs and headed out the door we all started walking down the street because Nandos was a 5 minute walk from my house i think that's why Niall liked coming over to my apartment so much. We quickly got inside because it was so cold outside and ordered our food. I think Niall ordered at least the whole menu. We were all sitting down at the table until the girl from this morning walked in the door my Jaw dropped. Harry noticed 

"What's up Zayn" 

I couldn't manage to get any words out only stare at her, she looked even more beautiful than this morning. Harry, Niall,Louis and Liam quickly turned around to see what i was staring at they were all checking her out especially Harry, i glared at him when he did that i wanted her all to myself.

"Is that her?" Liam asked 

I nodded 

"Yes that's Grace".

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