that's what makes you beautiful

This is a story about zayn malik (from One Direction) and how he finds love in the most unexpected way


11. Date Night

Zayn's P.O.V

I was getting ready for my date tonight i my favorite restaurant to go too as i was headed to the hire car to pick her up (it was a shiny black Mercedes ) i stopped of to get some frangipanis and then i was on my way to pick up my gorgeous date for tonight.

I arrived At Grace's house and knocked on the door i was waiting for no less than 10 seconds and she answered the door she had her hair in a waterfall braid with curls coming down the back of her head as well. She was wearing a gorgrous black lace dress with pink studded heels on and a charm bracelet around her wrist.

"WOW" was all i could manage to say, she smiled her amazing smile and she blushed. I heald out my arm for her and she linked arms with me i escorted her to the car and she got in. tonight she was my princess. We had a great conversation in the car we listened to music and got to know each other a little better.

We arrived at the restaurant and we went to take our seats.

"So when where you planning to tell me you were Zayn Malik from One direction?" Grace almost screamed in an angry tone

"I thought you already knew" I said trying to defend myself 

all of a sudden my phone bussed it was a twitter update

Want to see a member from One Direction come down to

this location and see him and his new girl! 

I was furious i wanted to keep her a secret before things got to serious and the way she was acting to my fame proves she didn't want anything to do with me or my fame ever again.

"So do you not want to go out with me anymore" I asked her quietly 

"Of course i still want to go out with you i just wish you would have told me before i went crazy at you"Grace said with a smile 

"Good because i really like you and i do want to get to know you a lot better" I smiled back at her 

The rest of the night we talked about all the things we had in common and all our friend and there jobs and things like that.

"I have some new Zayn" i heard grace say  i looked up from my pasta bowl and asked 

"What kind of news good or bad?" 

"both" she said with a half smile 

"Bad new please first" i said quietly 

" I am moving to New York with my best friend Chloe" she said quietly only loud enough for me to hear.

"What?, Are you serious when were you gonna tell me this?" i shouted at her everybody was starring 

"I was planning on telling you tonight and yes i am serious i am going to be her assistant she is CEO of Louis Vuitton and did i not mention i was doing a fashion course at UNI this is a huge opportunity for me and i would like it if you shared it with me" she replied 

I was speechless for a few moments  i couldn't leave the boys! maybe i could commute between my work and her? , maybe i could live with her? , but are we ready to make that big step?

"well " Grace said a little worried 

"I really want to be with you i really do its just i cant abandon the boys like that and i cant just walk away from One direction and i really dont know that much about America, i have only been there a few times on tour" i said 

she looked down i dont think she really wanted to talk to me anymore..... 

"Look i will think about it and just so we are clear i really do want to be with you" i said with puppy dog eyes

her face lifted a bit with a little grin playing around on her face 

" I really want to be with you too Zayn" Grace smiled at me and my heart skipped a beat and put me into a day dream about her and how perfect our lives would be if we were together 



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