that's what makes you beautiful

This is a story about zayn malik (from One Direction) and how he finds love in the most unexpected way


8. Been Waiting for 3 months

Grace's P.O.V

It was 9.00am when i woke up and thank god i didn't have work or UNI today i wouldn't like to cancel on Chloe. I quickly go in the shower and got out and Did a side braid on the right side of my head and it came into a bun on the right side of my head . I put on a white blouse with a black high wasted skirt. little owl earring and and my charm bracelet to go with it. I also had some black sparkly heals to go with the whole outfit. I put my make-up on and brushed my teeth grabbed my handbag and coat and walked out the door with a big smile on my face today is going to be a good day.

I got into my car and drove to Starbucks it was 9.50am when i arrived i am always a little earlier, i ordered my coffee and went to sit down at a little table. I checked my phone and i had already got 3 texts for Zayn 

Text 1:

Message: Zayn Malik 

Hey baby i know it's late but i cant 

stop thinking about you 

cant wait to see you again



Text 2 :

Message: Zayn Malik

Hey Gorgeous just wanted to know how your sleep was

and i hope you are ok :) <3 



Text 3:

Message: Zayn Malik

Hey baby just wondering if you would like 

to come to dinner tonight at 8 i booked my 

favorite restaurant i hope you can make it 



I had to call him after all the amazing things he had just wrote to me i quickly dialed his number 

"Hello" A tired but sexy voice answered 

"Hey Zayn it's Grace i just read your messages i would love to go out to dinner with you and get to know you better" i almost screamed down the phone because i was so excited

"I am glad that your happy" he said but it was almost a moan 

"did i wake you" i said a little shyly 

"Don't worry about it babe it's fine i wouldn't rather listen to anyone else in the world" he said i smiled uncontrollably

we talked for another 20 minutes and i gave him my address and home phone number for tonight.

"Ok  really have to go now " I said laughing 

"Ok,Ok i will let u go but only this once bye cant wait for tonight" Zayn said 

"Bye, Me too" i hing up the phone than i looked around until i found the person i was looking for my best friend Chloe !!

 I noticed her because of her pale skin and he Long blonde hair nearly doesn't to her waist, (i was so jealous of how beautiful her hair was i wish i could have my hair like her it was in a hair bow with curls coming down the back of her hair and it always looked so cute) She was wearing Red high Heels and A gorgeous tight red Midi Dress she looked absolutely stunning. I almost screamed her name 

"CHLOE!" I shouted she immediately turned around and ran over to me and gave me a tight hug i missed you so much i said through the tears because i was so happy to see her 

"How are you ? I have big News to tell you ! you look stunning !" Chloe said to me 

"I am good and thank you so do you ! and what is this big news you are telling me about?"

" Well i got offered a job a CEO of Louis Vuitton !" I almost screamed when she said that 

"Are you serious?" I said still shocked 

"Yes and i said yes so that means i only have 3 months in Bradford before i have to go back to New York but i have to live there if i am to take the position" Chloe said excited than a little disappointed at the end.

" You should take the position" I finally said 

"There is one catch " She said with a cheeky smile 

"What is it?" i said a little nervous

" I need an Assistant and she has to be Attentive, Gorgeous another fashion Icon i can relate too and a pleasure to work with above all" Chloe said 

there was a little pause in between

"Will you please be my assistant Please please please?" I was in shock of her going to leave now she was asking me to leave with her ?

I couldn't do that to Zayn i want to be with him and its not like he can go travel everywhere he is a million air  

"I guess will you give me a few days to think please?"

"yeah sure i wasn't expecting a answer straight away i will give u a few days to think about it" she smiled at me i smiled back 

" So whats your important news?" 

" I am seeing this new guy called Zayn Malik he is so gorgeous and amazing i am going on a date with him tonight when i met him he seemed real familiar but i still dont know where i know him from" Chloe's jaw had dropped onto the ground 

"Did u say ZAYN MALIK? " yeah i said a little shyly 

"HE IS IN ONE DIRECTION !!!!" she nearly shouted, i thought to myself no way then i remembered last nigh Harry, Niall , Louis ,and Liam OMG HE IS IN ONE DIRECTION how did i not see this earlier i am so stupid.

"OMG you have to introduce me to him" Chloe said (she has a massive fan girl crush on Niall)

"I will ,I will but first i am not gonna scare him off i have a date with him tonight and i still dont know what to wear help me find it?' i asked her 

"Is that a trick question?'

 I LOVE TO SHOP LETS GO NOW " Chloe said picking up her coffee and darting out the door in less than 5 seconds 

This is gonna be a long day i thought to myself.


Grace's Outfit




Chloe's Outfit:




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