that's what makes you beautiful

This is a story about zayn malik (from One Direction) and how he finds love in the most unexpected way


9. A good start to a good day

Laim's P.O.V

Today me Niall and Zayn are all gonna help Zayn find a new outfit for his date GRACE i can't believe that he is finally getting over his last girlfriend it has taken him long enough (No hate to Perrie i Love her ). I had to drive because we were staying in a hotel and now with Zayn in his apartment cause its too small he bought it before we became a massive boy band. I was going down the elevator i was there with one other lovely fit girl she was texting to someone but then i saw my name ! she probably was just a fan or something i didn't think of it until we got down to her floor and as she walked out and smiled at me then took a picture of me and ran. I ran out of the elevator and tried to chase her and when i caught her she was at her door and was scrambling to get her key out. When i caught her i pressed her up against the door our bodies itches apart and she had a big grin on her face as she looked at my angry face.

"Delete the photo" I said with a harsh tone She just smiled and laughed 

"PLEASE" i was angry now spiting it out in between my teeth 

"I will on one condition" the strange girl said 

"Kiss me?" she said with a grin 

If it is the only way i thought in my head

"Fine" i said with a low voice 

i moved my head in closer to her (not that we were already itches apart) and my lips brushed against hers and then she passionately kissed me back and then i slipped my tongue inside her mouth having fun seeing how far she would go. Apparently she wasn't very willing she pulled back about 20 seconds after i did that. I left her mouth with a big smile on my face and i was very pleased with myself she was happy but at the same time angry it was meant to be her game and she lost and i won. But she was still very happy she got her kiss. She pushed me away from her 

"What don't like me anymore love?" I said with a smirk

"Your so up yourself that's what i dont like about you" she snapped back at me 

"Well if you hate me so much why did you want a kiss?" I said happy with myself 

"Because i thought you would remember an old friend" she said angrily 

~Flashback 10 years ago ~

"Hey Liam wanna come over here so we can get this over and done with?" I asked him 

"Yes but no cheating!!"Liam called back at me 

"Fine,fine but what is this surprise you know i hate them!" She shouted at me 

"I do too but this one will be good you will love it!"Liam said 

we finally arrived at where ever we were going and he let me see what it was, it was amazing it was a surprise party for me at my favorite restaurant!!

"Like it?" Liam asked 

"LOVE IT AND YOU" she blushed a bit and Liam answered

"I love you too and i am glad that you like it" 

We kissed and fireworks went off

~present time~

I kissed her again this time even more passionately than before it was my best friend / girlfriend from home who i had lost contact with since i became famous

Scarlet she had beautiful brown skin (she was Hawaiian) and had gorgeous brown hair with long wavy hair that came down to the end of her back. Scarlet always used to be so beautiful and still is she is so much more gorgeous now and i couldn't believe that i was seeing her again. This is the best day of my life.


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