A Life For A Life

A severe snow storm hits the big city of London bringing along a horrible virus, infecting their bodies, slowly breaking down into a creature which has never been seen before in the human world.
Who will stop the virus?
"They killed my family, they turned them into something unseen before, therefore, I shall kill them, a life for a life..."


3. Chapter 3

March 3rd 1978,

My mind still can't comprehend what just happened. Was it even real? Am I dreaming? Will I just wake up to find myself in my own bed with a text message from Penny saying "Good Morning," probably not because she's gone, dreams may seem realistic but not as realistic as this; I've never even had a dream like this so it can't be coming true either. The atmosphere around me seems so different now, the air feels thicker, choking me, filling my lungs with fumes which I've never experienced before; more full on than smoke, like a grey cloud ready to let out its storm. 

I'm currently making my way to my house; the long deep depths of the road depress me in oblivion where I surrender into a small shell. I can almost feel myself filling up with venom, breathing it out in the hope that it will go into the bodies of these unnatural humans and suffocate them, shrinking their lungs into nothingness. 

I can see my house slowly peering over the hilltop. It still looks peaceful and serene, like a whole new world, like nothing's happened. But that'll change soon, everything will change soon. "Mum, dad, Emily?" I was panicking already because nobody answered with in a second. "Answer me!"

"Give us a second son. We were upstairs, what's with all the commotion?" My dad finally answered, laughing thinking that all my "commotion" is some sort of joke. Well it isn't. "Where's everyone else? I need to talk to all of you, it's important." My mum and sister came running down the stairs, my sister had a massive cheesy grin on herself, however my mum was the opposite. She looked worried, she knew something was up straight away, probably could sense it in my tone of voice. "Guys can we go into the living room please?"

"Sure sweetie, come on everyone lets go listen to what he has to say." 

"Thanks mum." They all began to follow me into the living room where they sat down all serious. "OK, I don't know if you'll believe me but I hope you do! I was at the park with penny a-a-and these people, they took her away! Ripped her apart, blood, blood everywhere, she told me to run, I ran, I-I didn't know what to do. They're coming here, they're going to kill everyone, everyone!" I have probably never spoken so fast in my life, but I had to get it off my worn out chest. They sat there speechless, my mum had tears in her eyes, Emily looked scared. My dad stood up and hugged me. "What are you talking about?"

"These monsters dad! They're not natural, re-born into something unrealistic like those creatures you see in horror movies but worse. A lot worse!"

"Tom," my mum projected loud and clearly, "you're not lying are you? If this is some sort of prank it isn't funny one single bit! Now tell us the truth dear."

"Mum... I am telling the truth! I saw it with my own eyes! Why on earth would I lie about something so serious?" Everyone's eyes dotted around the room at one another. "What was that sound?" My heart started racing, faster than lightening, faster than I could blink my eye. "It's the sound again, the same sound I heard before Penny go taken." My skin grew pale, I felt sick. "Guys! We have to run! Hide! Shelter! Now!" A booming noise came from the front of the house. I saw from the reflection of the mirror that the front door had been belted in with great force, hanging still at a tilted position I could make out blood smears across the front of the door. My dad saw it too; he looked down at me and nodded at me for reassurance. My dad took lead and stepped forward opening his arms out wide as if he was creating a shield around us. "He was right, you were right son. OK, everyone, I want you all to be real quiet now. No noises, OK?" We all whispered OK; my mum grabbed my hand and held it tightly pulling me closer. I could her heartbeat pumping through her chest.

"I want you all to stay here, don't move from this spot, I'm going to go and see what's going on."

"NO!" My mum belts out a screech and footsteps move quickly towards the living room. We all turned our heads towards mum with the same expression on our faces as if saying "what have you done," We turn our heads back towards the door and three figures stand before us. All wearing black, big built with blood dripping from their fingertips, like tear drops dropping from someone's eyes thats been through so much. No one spoke a word; I could've heard a pin drop. The silence was almost intimidating. The three figures moved closer, breathing heavily. They all pulled a glistening sterling silver knife from behind and pointed it towards Emily. My dad moved over sealing Emily behind him. They walked towards us this time without stopping; still none of us spoke a word apart from the heavy breathing which made the room feel like a sauna. 

My mum quickly stepped forward protecting dad. "No!" Screams with all of our mouths filled the room. Dad collapsed to the floor, I collapsed after him and held his hands. I was holding on with all my might, they were pulling him, tugging him. They sliced my arm and from the dense pain I released my hand from his and looked at the cut in terror. I turned to see where my sister was, she was gone. "Emily!" My mum looked down and the realisation struck her like a lightning bolt fracturing her heart. I saw her eyes fill up like a glass of water and she ran towards the figure hitting them over and over until. "Mum, no! They'll get you come back please!" My mum seemed to go into wonderland and block me out carrying on repeatedly hitting them until they turned round grabbing her arms and snapping them in two. I saw her bones pierce through her pale skin letting her poppy red blood sprinkle the walls. It was happening all over again, an innocent life being taken for no apparent reason. Why does this happen when I'm around? Am I the cause of this worthless violence? 

My mind was being taken over and my ability to function had disappeared; the same scenario which happened with Penny. I saw my mum struggle and reach over for dad, however it was too late, he was gone. My dad. The man who raised me, the man I look up to, showed me right from wrong but now that's all vanished. A chunk of my heart has quickly wasted away seeing my dad lay dead on the living room floor. My mum breaks down and goes stiff, I still can't move, as if a powerful G-force is keeping me in place from helping my loved ones. My sister Emily peaks from behind the living room door and makes a run for it, I shout "No!" But no sound comes out. One out of the three unknown figures started to slowly make its way towards Emily. Tears began to stream down my eyes like a river which never ended and Emily was taken away. Her high pitched scream echoed around the room and within my body vibrating my soul. I was witnessing my family being tortured, demolished, being put down like a stray dog who doesn't have an ounce of strength left to go. That's what my family look like right now. That's something I should never have to see, yet I'm standing here in the crime scene as the witness.

I hear the final screams come from my family as I watch them being hauled out of the front door. A path of blood stains the carpet like a trail a snail would produce. My limbs finally reconnect to my brain and I can function again. Sad tears roll out of my bloodshot eye, my lips start trembling; I let out a loud scream, "NOO!" I could hear the birds fly away from shock, their wings flapping in anxiety trying to get away. I feel dizzy and my legs have almost turned jelly like. I fall to the floor, slapping the right side of my face on a pile of blood. My eyes begin to roll towards the back of my head and slowly close.

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