A Life For A Life

A severe snow storm hits the big city of London bringing along a horrible virus, infecting their bodies, slowly breaking down into a creature which has never been seen before in the human world.
Who will stop the virus?
"They killed my family, they turned them into something unseen before, therefore, I shall kill them, a life for a life..."


2. Chapter 2

March 3rd 1978,

Another boring ordinary day. School. Where my nightmares come true, I'm not exactly the Popular kid at school, I'm different I guess, I don't like to be around people, I like being by myself, alone. I tend to head to the library at both break and lunch, just do my own thing. I don't mind, I have a friend in the library, Mr Agostino (he's Italian.) You're probably thinking how sad that is that my only friend is the man who takes charge of the library. Although, he's nice, he understands me. I'm currently in my maths class, top set, where I seem to learn nothing as I already know it all. Smarty pants I am, this is why I'm currently updating my diary. The teacher knows full well that I'm not doing any work; that I'm sitting here in my own little bubble writing away. She doesn't care, she's useless anyway.

It's now break and surprise! I'm in the library, I'm currently looking on the BBC website at the weather, we're in May and they've predicted it's going to snow. Really? Its spring, is it even possible for it to snow in spring, then again, this is England for you. "What's that you're looking at young chap?" I knew it wouldn't be long for Mr Agostino to come over and talk to me. It's a daily routine; if he doesn't talk to me he believes something bad will happen. "It's the weather, look! They think it's going to snow. Do you think it will sir?"

"Hard to say really, the news is hardly ever right, however the weather is very unpredictable, anything could happen. Nevertheless, I try to stay positive, so I'm just going to keep enjoying the sunshine and carry on." He walked away smiling to himself with no worries in the world. 

The bell had rang, next period. I could just not turn up? The teacher wouldn't notice anyway; it's not like I'm failing the subject. Unfortunately I have to go, otherwise I'll just feel bad in myself. Waiting outside the classroom door to science: everybody's pushing, screaming, laughing, joking and just having fun; then there's me, the invisible little bug in the corner. "Come in children, quickly, grab your book and get to your seats." Hooray, Miss Urban has finally opened up the classroom to the of knowledgeable ideas. Physics again, I sigh loudly to myself hoping someone would turn round and look, yet nobody did. I sit back in my chair wishing my best friend Penny came to this school. She goes to an all girl's school, she said she hates it there- just like me- she also says she has lots of lovely friends- not so much like me. I always think what she's doing and if she thinks of me as much as I think of her. It's hard to tell. Who would think of me anyway? I'm sure she hates my company, probably just feels sorry for me. Even though I am meeting her after school today, so that's definitely something to look forward to. 

The day has gone so slow again, finally though I've reached the end of it. Now I'm off to meet Penny. I can't wait to see the big grin on her face and her big blue eyes glisten in the afternoon sun as we walk through the calming park talking about our day, future, everything. I'm at the park and I can see her in our usual meeting spot, she always gets here before me, must always be eager to see me I assume. 

"Hi Penny!" I shout with delight.

"Hello Tom, looking smart as always I see," she jumps towards me wrapping her dainty arms around me, squeezing me as if I'm her stress ball. "Let's go for a stroll." She says with a smile pulling my arms, slowly picking up speed and then running, we're both running now, heading straight towards a sand pit. We didn't even stop, therefore bashing into the sand creating a big poof of sand in the air like a sand storm which has came from nowhere. "You make me so happy Penny, I've been looking forward to seeing you all day. I couldn't stop thinking about you!"

"Aw Tom! Same with me too, I..." She suddenly stopped and I stopped as well. "Snow? SNOW! Tom it's snowing!" I looked at her and started laughing "you're acting as if you've never seen snow before." Now we're both laughing hysterically making my stomach hurt. I stop laughing for a second as I heard a noise, my hearings great, maybe its because of the fact I wear glasses and one of my senses has to be stronger than the other. To what I saw when I turned around was nothing, I was positive I heard footsteps, how strange. I turn back round pulling a funny face, however I wasn't pulling a funny face at Penny it was at thin air, nothing. "Penny! Penny! Where are you?" Horror shows in my voice and I can hear Penny's voice, she's calling for help. I quickly scan the area and I spot her. She's being dragged along the rough surface of concrete. A trail of blood along the floor where her hands had been trying to pull her away. I run towards her using everything strength in my body to get to her as quickly as I could. I finally reached her, but my feet wouldn't let me move. Seeing the blood trickling down her cotton candy cheeks struck me with shock. I believed that I would never see her in pain but not everything can be a fairytale. Hundreds of thoughts were rushing through my reckless mind, with a constant echo of Penny's voice calling my name. I came back on track and focused on Penny, but I still couldn't move. Puddles of blood were surrounding her and she finally gave up on me just like I gave up on her. She smashed her head to the floor and let the human beings who were handling her with great force rip her apart. The sound of the bones breaking from one another pierced through my skull and the flesh being torn was distressing. From her bloody mouth she spoke one last word to me, "run," I spoke back saying "sorry." I did what she asked and ran. I ran as fast as I could and as far as I possibly could until I had no more energy left, leaving her behind in the hands of a demon.

I fell to the floor with no more energy left to go on. I can't even articulate how I feel right now, knowing that Penny, the love of my life is now out the picture of my future. My heart seems as if it's been hacked out of my chest. It seems as if the universe is closing up on on me, shrinking, tightening up all life which it created and just leaving me here in the depths of space. Sweat drips from my forehead making my face soaked in my own awe of horror. I probably wouldn't even sweat this much in a sauna, I'm sure my heart rate right now is just itching the surface of its explosive timer. Is this the end of the world? What were those things which took Penny's life from mine? So many questions with no answers. My hands are still shaking, my whole body in fact. 

My family! What if these creatures have taken my family! Am I jumping to conclusions? I'm probably thinking too far ahead and they're all fine at home cooking up dinner. Then again I can't be sure. I'm worrying myself again. I need to calm down and buckle up. First things first, I need to get back home as soon as possible. I can't let anyone else I love be taken away from me!

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