The Flying Crystal

its about a girl named Crystal who is dumb,


1. the voices

Voices, voices all over the place, it was not that clear, and you could not understand half of it. There where a bunch who spoke Japanese, and a few others spoke in German, someone came racing past me, they yelled and screamed in French, I was getting crazy !!

The worst thing was that i could not do anything about it, I could not say anything, i was in fact dumb, but i was not deaf, but at the time i would almost wish i was!

And not only that, people looked constantly at me.

It was probably because i had completely white hair and deep, midnight blue eyes, anything about me was special even my name, Crystal, how did my mom and dad even come up with that?  but it was not because it was annoying that people looked at me, i was somehow used to it.


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