The Flying Crystal

its about a girl named Crystal who is dumb,


6. The ability to fly

Then the woman stopped me and said that we wasn’t done yet and that was right we still needed the flying spell, so I calmed down and walked to the chair and sat down, she took her stick up from her boot again and said some other spell that I didn’t understand and then she said to me

“its easy to learn to fly so i will leave you to learn that yourself, just go out and try, you will know what to do."

"um okay.." i said and walked out of the cottage, i looked around a bit, i did'nt even remember the way back, i was lost.

then i remeberd what the woman said, was it true? could i realy fly? well could'nt not just stand here, i needed to try, but how?

maybe i just had to think about that i want to fly? i tryed, and it worked! my feet rose form the ground and i flew.

it was easy to control where i flew, i was unbeliveable, everything was so beautiful from the sky, it was a bit cold but it didnt matter, it was the best day of my life, and i've never forgot it.


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