The Flying Crystal

its about a girl named Crystal who is dumb,


5. like I SAID


The woman closed the book and looked at me, it was so quiet, and finally the woman said

“do you know who little witch is”

I thinked a little bit about it and then I knew it, it was her so I nodded and pointed at her

 “yes I’m the little witch and you are the next person who came here” she said

Me!? She would give ME the ability to fly I could not believe it,

“and then I could also give you then ability to talk if you want?”

Talk, me, I really wanted to try but what if I wasn’t good at it or had a ugly voice, I didn’t care I wanted to talk, so I nodded,

“well then I will give you the ability to talk first” she said then she took a stick up from her boot and said something I didn’t  understand then she said

“say something”

“Um oka….” I SAID then I began to freak out while yelling

“I CAN TALK I CAN TALK” I love my voice I was so soft and nice

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