The Flying Crystal

its about a girl named Crystal who is dumb,


2. Far away

It was not really my fault, I just could not take it anymore, my brain was just about to EXPLODE so I ran out the door and out into the fresh air where there was no noises, all you could hear where the wind and the birds, now I had only two choices either I had to go back in the noises, or I could run away and never come back, I ran.

The wind shot through my hair and my clothes while I ran farther and farther away, after only a short time I ran into a forest, it looked deep, but bright and friendly.

The forest was full of life and the birds song was much more beautiful than in the city, and it was kind of weird, is sounded like the birds wanted to tell me something, or more like they wanted to show me something, so I followed them, it was so nice just to get away from everything and out where you are all alone just for a moment, hear the birds, feel the wind and smell the grass,

Just walk, and walk and…., I stopped right in front of me was a small cottage, but why? no one who was normal would ever live that deep into a forest, who could it be ?

Well I could not just stand there and stare on the cottage forever, so walked up to the doorway and nocked, the doorknob turned and an old woman showed up in the door frame, she like any other would have done, looked with amazement.

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