The Flying Crystal

its about a girl named Crystal who is dumb,


4. Daisy

“okay listen closely, once there where a woman who loved birds of all kinds, she loved then so much and would do anything to live whit them so she went out in the forest, deeper and deeper into the forest she went and then in the middle of the forest she saw a small Cottage she walked up to it and knocked on the door, she knew that there lived a witch in the house.

a little witch girl opened and asked who the woman was, the woman answered that her name was Daisy, and that she had a wish to live with the birds, the little girl said that her mother was out at the market but that she could help her, so the little girl invited Daisy in to her house and asked her to sit down while she where searching for the spell book.

Finally, she found the book, but when she came back to Daisy she saw that Daisy had fallen asleep, so she thought that she just could do the spell herself and then she did so, but when she said the spell, she turned Daisy into a bird instead of giving her the ability to fly.

When Daisy woke up and saw that she was a bird she screamed and began to yell at the little witch, but the little witch could not understand what Daisy said and when Daisy realized that, she flew out the window, and left the little witch alone in the cottage, the little witch was so sad and promised that she would do the spell right next time someone came,”

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