The Flying Crystal

its about a girl named Crystal who is dumb,


3. a story ?

“Hello young girl” she said “what is your name”

I didn’t answer or more like I could not, then I remembered the card I’ve got a long time ago where my name was, and I showed it to her

“what a beautiful name” she said then “but are you dumb since you didn’t just say your name”

I nodded

“okay, but come in come in” she said and moved away from the door frame, with a hesitation I walked into the small cottage, it was all old and dusty but it also felt like i should be here, for some reason.

“I saw you coming, the birds were leading you huh” she said

I nodded again

“hm” there was a long pause, then she got up and went to the bookshelf in the corner, she took a book and walked back to the chair where she sat before with the book under her arm,

Without saying a word she opened the book and started searching in the book

After a moment of silence she finally said something

“oh here it is” she said

I tried so well I could to show her that I was confused

“I would like to tell you a story, okay?” she said

I nodded

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