Yet Another Runaway's Tale

(EDIT 2/12/16: Yes, I know this story is terrible and while I'd delete it out of shame I'm kind of keeping it so I can laugh about it with friends.)

In a little village in the south of England, Carmen Stacey and her best friend Travis are living in a world of sweet nothing. But when things become sour, Carmen abandons her modern fairy tale life.

Just half an hour away is a different society, run by the corrupt LittleVilla family, with the eldest daughter, Kimmy allready on the run. When a series of events becomes illegal, Grace LittleVilla flees with local troublemaker Henry Sapphire.


21. Chapter Twenty-One~Carmen and Kimmy

I walk into the house, I'm not going to call it 'my' house because when I'm here I live in the attic!  Me, Sky and Cara 

walk in.


I wait for him to come down. And when he does, he doesn't look as bad a mum. I don't think he even cares. Typical. 

"What do you want, Kimmy?" Christopher says my name like I'm some sort of scum.  I want to slap him. But you can't slap adults.

"We need to talk."

"Fine. Come along. Don't expect to be staying any longer, you and your sister are no longer welcome in this home."


I watch the man escort Kimmy into an office. Skylar is talking to the woman who let us in. Are these really Christopher

and Shelia LittleVilla? Shelia looks absaloutly misrible and Christopher looks proud of himself. Maybe he wanted Gracie to run away. I then see Kimmy's phone light up. She has a call. I pick her mobile up and answer


"Hello?" I ask

"Kimmy? Is that you?" I hear

"Kimmy's in a-"

I turn to Skylar. "Pst!" I whisper "Some girl is on the phone and is asking for Kimmy, what should I say she's in?"

"A Meeting sweetie." Shelia says.

"Okay thanks." I say 

"A meeting" I say

"Anyway, who's trying to speak to her?"

"Some girl called Grace." I reply 
"Hey!" The girl screams "So if you're not Kimmy who are you?"


"Well nice to meet you. I'm Grace"

"I knew that"

"Tell her to call me when she's done"
"I will. Bye" 

I hang up quickly just as I see Shelia try to snatch the phone.

"Thanks a lot." She murmurs

"Any time" I say in a sarcastic manor. 


Then Kimmy walks out from the office, she has a black eye and is crying.

"Sky, Cara, we're leaving."

"Who hit you?" Skylar asks looking worried 

"I walked into a door, now c'mon before I die of boredom. Cara, rember you're helping me dye my hair!"

"It's really late, and it'll be about 10pm when we get back!"

"So? C'mon! Afterwards we'll go dancing!"

"Kimmy, are you drunk?!" Skylar asks

"No, wouldn't need to be!"

Kimmy starts walking towards the door and shouts "Screw you, you old prick! Oh and eh mumsi! Try having fun sometimes!"

She opens the door and says "Come along children."

"Kimmy! Skylar! Little girl!" Shelia shouts as we leave the building, and as we leave I say "This Little Girl has a name. And it's Karmen."


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