Yet Another Runaway's Tale

(EDIT 2/12/16: Yes, I know this story is terrible and while I'd delete it out of shame I'm kind of keeping it so I can laugh about it with friends.)

In a little village in the south of England, Carmen Stacey and her best friend Travis are living in a world of sweet nothing. But when things become sour, Carmen abandons her modern fairy tale life.

Just half an hour away is a different society, run by the corrupt LittleVilla family, with the eldest daughter, Kimmy allready on the run. When a series of events becomes illegal, Grace LittleVilla flees with local troublemaker Henry Sapphire.


13. Chapter Thirteen~Henry & Grace

24 hours later, 30 minuets until The Wedding.


Father is on the phone to Christopher LittleVilla to check where we are supposed to go. Mother is in the car, driving around looking for Skylar, one more time. I walk around in my room. I turn to face my backpack and grab it. I walk towards my window with my bag. I turn to face my room, one last time. "It's over, I will never come back, I will find Skylar. Now to find Grace."  I whisper to myself and open my window. I breathe in the summer air and climb out of the window and fall down onto my knees and cry. I need to run, but I need to get to Grace. It isn't fair.

I'm watching Silvia curl my hair in a delicate state. She smiles and says "Ain't all bad Gracie. You're helping a lot of

people here. I know you don't want too. I don't agree with this either. Just be there okay?" 

Silvia leaves me alone. I look at my bag and take it off my wardrobe's handle. I take off my dress and replace it with as shirt. Not just a shirt. Kimmy's shirt. I pair it with some jeans and slip off my heels and replace them with trainers. I place my rucksack on my back and stand by my window. I look down and see Henry with a smile on his face. I open my window and-

She's there. Smiling at me. I may hate her, but her smile is beautiful. Wait, Why did I say that?! Anyway, she looks 

at me with a serious look on her face and says "You better catch me." I laugh and reply with "Of corse!" She sits herself on the window sill and pushes herself off, I catch her, and she stands herself up. "We better go." She says, I look at her, she looks really pretty, her blue diamond eyes staring at me like I'm crazy. Maybe I just am. "Erm..Henry?! We need to go..NOW!" 

"God. Okay" We both run away from her place and she starts laughing like a mad..person, "What the hell were you doing back then?! You were staring at me like you erm.."

"Shut up." I say bluntly, 

She just laughs...And I love her for it.

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