Yet Another Runaway's Tale

(EDIT 2/12/16: Yes, I know this story is terrible and while I'd delete it out of shame I'm kind of keeping it so I can laugh about it with friends.)

In a little village in the south of England, Carmen Stacey and her best friend Travis are living in a world of sweet nothing. But when things become sour, Carmen abandons her modern fairy tale life.

Just half an hour away is a different society, run by the corrupt LittleVilla family, with the eldest daughter, Kimmy allready on the run. When a series of events becomes illegal, Grace LittleVilla flees with local troublemaker Henry Sapphire.


1. Chapter One~Grace

Well.This is awkward.

I'm putting my hair in a posh bun, getting ready for my father's party. So, why is it so awkward?

Henry's watching me.

No, he's not my crush. It's just. So. Awkward.

"Gracie." He says in a sing-song manor. "Oh Gracie Gray-"

"What?!" I ask, feeling a bit fed up. 

"I'm just saying you look like a drag."

I scowl at him. "Go and play around with one of stupid girls down town." I say.

"Sorry sweetheart, I'm into class, not sluts." he teases.

I stand up and pull my chair from my vanity and get my pumps which are by the door. 

"Well, I'm going now." 

"Let me escort you downstairs." He asks.

"Whatever." I say as i reach him. I place out my hand and he takes it into his own.

"Are we leaving Gracie?" He asks 

"Yes Sir Henry" I tease.


We walk down the golden-stone, blue carpeted stairs  and I see most of the guests have arrived. We walk around the hall. We stop when we see our parents.

"Ah Grace" Henry's mother Alice says "How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine." I reply

Alice smiles, she looks at my father and whispers something.

Are you going to tell them?

No. Wait until everyone arrives 

"Mother. What are you whispering to Christopher?" Henry enquirers 

"Nothing to worry about" Alice replies sharply "How about you and Grace go and talk to the other children?"

"Erm. Sure. Come along Grace" Henry says ans he tugs at my hair."

We walk away from our parents and then Henry breaks the awkward silence by saying "This thing Christopher and Mother have been going on about recently is apparently the reason for the party. Apparently it's in a bid to save my family's lodge. Maybe it had something to do with Skylar and Kimmy's disappearances. I don't know." 

"It's caused nothing but arguments at home." I say "When I'm sent to bed instead of sleeping I spy on them. All they seem to do nowadays is shout."

"who knows, eh Gracie? Oh look! Your favourite cousins Tiffany and Rodger have arrived!"

"Joy!" I say in a sarcastic manor  

"Oh don't go all sarcastic on me Gracie. Their your cousins." 

"Yeah. But they're spoiled  brats!"

"Coming from you!" Henry then tugs at my necklace "where is this from. Channel right?"

"I'm just lucky" I reply

"Sure you are" Henry says.

We go and sit by the buffet table. Henry starts to go fishing in his pocket and he takes out a lighter.

"I'm going to go and get some smokes. You wanna come?"

"No!" I say "Who do you think I am?

"A spoiled teenager. Well see you."


Henry stuffs the lighter back into his pocket and walks off. Leaving me on my own. I can't help but swoon as he leaves. 

What is wrong with me?




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