Yet Another Runaway's Tale

(EDIT 2/12/16: Yes, I know this story is terrible and while I'd delete it out of shame I'm kind of keeping it so I can laugh about it with friends.)

In a little village in the south of England, Carmen Stacey and her best friend Travis are living in a world of sweet nothing. But when things become sour, Carmen abandons her modern fairy tale life.

Just half an hour away is a different society, run by the corrupt LittleVilla family, with the eldest daughter, Kimmy allready on the run. When a series of events becomes illegal, Grace LittleVilla flees with local troublemaker Henry Sapphire.


4. Chapter Four~Carmen

When I get home I see Jack waiting for me.

"So Carmen, where were you off too?"

"I was hanging out with Travis!"

"I see.."

"Where's mum?"


"So why did I need to come back?-Wait"

"You had tor return because... because..because.."

"WHY?!" I scream angrily 

"I...I...worry about you."

"You don't like him do you."

He says nothing. I bet he's drunk!

"You're just jealous." I mutter under my breath.

"Go to your room, now you selfish brat!"

"I've done nothing wrong!"


I look around and see Jack take a can of beer from the table. The jerk is drunk!! 

I walk away from Jack and and head to the living room to watch TV. There's nothing on so I turn it off. Jack comes into the living room with his beer and stares at me.

"Go to your room Car-Carmen..P-p-please. I'll tell yo-you l-later. Just P-p-please g-g-go."

"No. I've done nothing wrong and I think I need an explanation now"


Jack walks up to me and pulls me from the sofa. He drags me to my room and carelessly drops me on the floor. I stand up and stare into his eyes.

"What was that all about?!" I ask, feeling a little fed up now. "Are you drunk or something?!"

"Sh-shut u-up" Jack says, okay he is drunk.

"No." I say, trying to stand up for myself "Not until I get my explination"

"You're acting like my mum!"

I sigh and whisper, "Stupid drunk" 

"What did you say about me?!" Jack screams

"I said nothing"

"You lying little-! repeat what you said!"

Through all the screaming of the pair of us,I can hear faint calls of mum. "What's going on?!"

"you're going to tell me what you said or I'll make you." 


Jack walks up to me and slaps me across my face. The blow causes me to fall to my knees, Jack then kicks me. I try to stand up, (stupidly) only to be blown down with the addition of a black eye. I crouch up into a little ball and realize he still hasn't  stopped. 

"Please stop. Please stop. Please stop. Please stop. Please stop. Please stop....."

* * *

He's gone now, and all I can hear is laughter and drunken murmurs downstairs. I stand up, but because I'm so weak I fall back on the ground again. I give up and hope if I sleep I'll get stronger. So I lie on the floor and slowly  drift off into a quiet. Uncomfortable. Dreamless. Dreamless sleep. 

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