Yet Another Runaway's Tale

(EDIT 2/12/16: Yes, I know this story is terrible and while I'd delete it out of shame I'm kind of keeping it so I can laugh about it with friends.)

In a little village in the south of England, Carmen Stacey and her best friend Travis are living in a world of sweet nothing. But when things become sour, Carmen abandons her modern fairy tale life.

Just half an hour away is a different society, run by the corrupt LittleVilla family, with the eldest daughter, Kimmy allready on the run. When a series of events becomes illegal, Grace LittleVilla flees with local troublemaker Henry Sapphire.


11. Chapter Eleven~Grace

"Hello? Anyone there?" I hear through the phone.


"Grace...Is that you?!"


"Who else?"

"Where are you?!"

"I can't say, all I can say is me and Skylar are fine, I love you and be a good kid and don't go looking for me."


"I love you Grace, take care."

Kimmy hangs up on me, I feel..I feel...I don't know. All I know is Kimmy is fine, and so is Skylar. I feel so alone. I would call Henry,but-No! No! I will not speak of him! Well not until I go, Just as I think of something to do. I hear my mother call me:

"Grace! I need you downstairs! We need to try on your wedding dress!"


I run downstairs and I see Alice and some of-what I think are-The wedding planners. 

"C'mon Grace!" Alice says "Silvia and the girls have picked out the cutest dress for you!"

Alice grabs me and takes me by the hand, the women run into a spare room which mother uses to store clothes. The planners help me fit into the dress, It fits, but it's tight and uncomfortable, I can't move.

"Oh my god" Mother says. "You look beautiful."

Something is making me feel angry, I feel anger sometimes but my soul is screaming that I should  say something, 

even if mother doesn't agree, and Alice will be mad, screw them.

"I...I...I....I...Hate it."

"What?" Alice asks, looking startled

"I hate it."

"Grace! appologise at once!" Mother says.

"No. Why the hell should I have to marry a arrogant, lazy and selfish prick!" I scream "I don't like this dress, It's perfetic, ugly and the most uncomfortable thing I've ever had to wear? What do you call this? It's horrible!"

"Grace! Go to your room!" Mother screams

"Gladly!" I scream as I run to my room. "Find some other thicko to marry agenst her will!

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