What doesn't kill us makes us stronger (one direction)

What happens when a group of friends go on a camping trip and when they return home no one is there no note no message phones cut power off no signal not even the radios work. What happened to everyone? Why will Niall Liam Louis Harry Zayn Eleanor Danielle Perry Lucy and Jay discover?


1. Camping


"Hey Lou? What do you think about going camping with the boys  Perry dani and a few of my collage friends?" "Um yea sounds like fun when should we go?" "This weekend so we can go before u go on your and before I go back to collage." I grabbed my phone and texted the boys perry and dani. Now who else should I invite. Ohh Lucy! 'Hey Lucy! What do ya say about going camping this weekend?'

now who else.  Ohh I know! Jay!

i sent her a message an locked my phone. 


Next day:

"all packed and ready?" I asked Lou throwing the last of my things in the range rover. "Yup!" He said kissing my cheek and getting in behind the wheel. I slid in next to him and we took off for the others house. We Ickes up everyone and left for the middle of the forest.

oh I forgot we are all on a holiday in Australia before the boys go on your and before us girls go back to uni. Oh hey guys we have 2 seats left yea. I asked. "Yup why?" Liam asked because I wanna grab to more people. I told them I'm taking jack and Elijah. We pulled up and picked them up they squished in next to Lucy and Jay.


we drove for 6 hours before we stopped at th very top of a group of hills and got out and looked out over the cliff. You could see pearl harbour from here and the rest of This town it's truly beautiful. Someone wrapped their arms around my waist. "Hey Lou." I said turning my head so I could see him. "Hey he said pecking my lips. 

I smiled and pulled my attention back to the view. "Beautiful isn't it?" "Yea" Lou replied. He let go of me and we walked back to the group. " alright from now on we walk!" I told everyone cheerfully. The 12 of us shared out the things we took and followed me  as we trekked into the forest.


"El do u know where we are going?" Lou asked, "yea there is a clearing up ahead come on!" I said jogging to the clearing. I just stood and stared at the place. It's so beautiful. 


A waterfall flowing into a lake and green grass everywhere. Trees secluding us from everything. It looks untouched like nothing has touched it's fresh surface. I placed my things on the plush grass and everyone put there's with mine.

i can tell this trip is going to be alot of fun...

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