Journal of the Forgotten - Vol. 1 - Sample

This is the sample version of a book that I am currently working on. This sample includes the prologue and first three chapters. While I have more of the book itself finished, it will not be uploaded until it is completed in its entirety......


1. Prologue

What would you do to save someone you loved? Would you be willing to make a deal with the Devil? Because that was exactly what I was about to do. Now when I say “devil” I don’t mean some big business tycoon who wants to buy the family home so he can build a supercenter. I mean the actual Devil, with horns, fire, and minions, the whole nine yards. It had come down to this. I had tried all I could, and I was out of time. This was the last hope I had. Believe me, I wouldn’t be here otherwise.

            “So much for your morals, Forgotten,” the Devil growled out as evil glee dancing across his face.

            “Shut up,” was my witty retort. I didn’t have time to play his game. I had less than an hour to wrap this up and get to the third plane.

            “I see you’re in no mood to talk then, Forgotten,” Satan sighed. I got the feeling he didn’t get many visitors other than the damned. “Very well, sign on the line.”

            A pedestal, with a piece of paper and an old fashion feather pen on it, arose from the ground. I picked up the pen…

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