More Than Just A Comment<3

What will happen when Lizzy gets a comment on a picture from Instagram that she posted.Will it mean more than that? Read and find out


1. Chapter 1

I posted a picture of me on Instagram and I got a comment . It was from a guy named be1ieve_22 he said I was really pretty and we should talk sometime. Then I said beautyandabeat_22 @be1ieve_22 okay:). But I really wasn't gonna talk to him but then I got a kik message from a guy named Landon .

Landon : hey

Lizzy: who is this?

Landon: I'm be1ieve_22 I was talking to you on Instagram remember?.

Lizzy : OH cool hi!

Landon: hi

Lizzy: whatca doin?

Landon: just talking to the most beautiful girl

Lizzy: oh she must be very lucky to be talking to you how old are you?

Landon: I'm 14 wbu?

Lizzy: I'm 14 to when's your birthday ?

Landon: August 21,1998 wbu,

Lizzy: November 19,1998

Landon : cool I'm tired I'm gonna go to bed good night beautiful

Lizzy: Good night!!

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