Stories I'll never finish

Like the title says, this is the stories I'll never finish. I often have great inspiration, yet I never manage to write more than a few pages or so before a new idea jumps to my mind. So I wanted to share them all; why I don't know.

Mature content and grammar fails might follow.

So here we go, my many stories, I'll never finish.


7. Wanted Dead

The first thing his mind focused on when slowly waking up, was the pain in his head, like a great pounding. He hadn't slept very well either, the bed was too stiff and the weather too hot.

He opened up his eyes to a warm-lit room, from an oil-lantern standing on the bed stand next to him. As he tried to sit up on the cheap bed, he felt pain run through his entire body and he flinched. He grunted in pain, but managed to get his feet over the edge and down on the dirty floor. Everything began spinning and he felt like he was going to pass out.

When he then heard a loud whistle and then the voice of a parrot: “Doctor Lin. Doctor Lin.”

As it kept repeating itself, a rather young woman rushed in through a door opening covered in a cloth as a door.

“You're awake!” She said in an uncomfortably surprised way, and hurried to him.

She began checking him, looking him in the eyes and feeling his temperature. That's when he noticed that he was dressed in nothing but bandages and a pair of underpants.

“How are you feeling?” She asked and began removing a bandage that wrapped up his arm, revealing what looked like a gunshot.

“I'm... a bit dizzy...” He said and rubbed his forehead.

“Heh, yeah, that's not surprising...” She snorted with a smile, and grabbed some alcohol to cleanse the wound.

But when it touched the wound, he pulled away from the pain per reflex.

“Sit still!” She said angrily and looked offended. “I know what I'm doing!”

“Where... where am I? Who are you?” He asked with difficulty. It felt as if his mind didn't want him to speak.

“I'm Doctor Lin, and this is my clinic. We're in the Mahjain village in the Dead Ocean.” She said and bandaged the wound on his arm again, and moved to the one crossing his torso, crossing from his right shoulder and all the way down to his left hip. “It's amazing that you survived this! You were just barely alive when they found you.”

“What? Who found me?” He asked with the continuous difficulty, and let out a smaller scream from the pain of the fresh wound.

“The guards. You probably don't remember. They didn't find a single trace of where you came from. You were just there.” She said, mildly impressed with whoever dumped him out there.

“What? What happened to me? I-I don't understand...” He asked, confused by everything that was happening right now, and the fact that he couldn't remember a single thing.

“You tell me, they just found you and that's all I know.” She bandaged the wound again, gently, and then stood up again.

She walked to the other end of the room, to where the parrot sat and it whistled at her, before getting a treat. She was very short, dark skinned and with long, wild and decorated dreadlocks that went past her buttocks. She appeared very young, as her skin was very clean, without wrinkles or age-marks. She couldn't possibly be 20 or older.

“Oh! Wait, I just remembered something...” She seemed to hesitate more and more as she continued the conversation. “They found a letter on you. I can't reveal everything it said, I'm sorry...”

“Well what did it say?” He asked, curious as to what she knew, that he probably didn't.

“Oh, well... just...” She had to chooser her words carefully now. “Your name and such information.”  

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