Stories I'll never finish

Like the title says, this is the stories I'll never finish. I often have great inspiration, yet I never manage to write more than a few pages or so before a new idea jumps to my mind. So I wanted to share them all; why I don't know.

Mature content and grammar fails might follow.

So here we go, my many stories, I'll never finish.


13. Sunrise - Sunset

It was dark once more in the city called Holden. As the shadows went long, people locked their doors and barricaded their windows in fear of the nights creatures.

The Dark Crawlers were a fearful kin. Their dark and cold skin made them perfect for the shadows in the cold, their eyes were red and put fear into the mind of their pray, and could see through any darkness. They were uncivilized and lived by no rules nor laws. Even though they posses weapons, they'd still prefer ripping you apart with their bare hands and nails.


In one of the alleys, a little girl walked through. She had gotten lost on her way home and now the moon had appeared.

Dark Crawlers could smell the different scent from afar, and noticed a mudman walk around their quarter. Two of them sat high up and glared down at her, she was shaking and they loved the smell of her fear.

“This is... a mudgirl, not man.” One of them spoke in their dark language.

“Does that matter to you? The chance to taste this ones fresh flesh.” The other said and almost drooled as she walked past them far below.

“Quickly now, before others smell her.”

Even though they possessed wings of a bat, they loved using their thin, agile bodies and crawled down the walls after her.

She took short and careful steps, this place was so different from the rich quarter she lived in and it seemed so unfriendly. It was almost completely dark, only a faint glow from the moon and the lights from in between the windows were to be seen with her little green eyes.

They had a clear look on her the entire time and she didn't even hear nor see them, before they each grabbed one leg of her and pulled her away from the light of the moon.

She screamed and cried for help, but no one dared walking outside and help. The Humans in the area could hear her, but her life wasn't their worth, and because of the selfishness of the Human kin, the sky would be coloured red when the sun would rise and this alley would float in the blood of the child.

The two Dark Crawlers checked her for values which she had a few off, seeing how she normally would strut around in the rich quarter and not slums like these.

“Ooh pretty, shiny necklace.” He said and laid it in a pocket on his rags, whilst the other one were chewing on her leg.

“It's at least worth of ten rubies.”

Rubies is the money of Dark Crawlers in their community, it's easily found in the dimension they come from.

But London didn't have any mines where you could find them, so Dark Crawlers had found a way to copy the existing ones through runes and dark magic.

“The blood. Her blood smells good, should we bring some too?” The eating one lightly touched the blood running down the street but the other shook his head.

“No, no this is good.”

They spread their wings and rose up into the air, leaving the gory corpse of the school girl to paint the street.


The sun began to rise and the Dark Crawlers found way down under the surface with shrieks of pain the sun did to their fragile eyes and grey skin.

At the same time Light Stalkers would appear in the suns blessing. Their warm skin needed the sun, or they would die. They had eyes of purest gold and the genes of what Humans call angels, with big feathered wings and a golden and holy look about them. Bright hair that would forever float around. They always looked holy in their shiny armors and big glorious weapons. They would always stalk the sun around the world, moving around all the time and never sleep to make sure they would stay in the sun.

People would look in awe as they flew over the city and they'd cheer for them.


In the now brighter alley of the dead girl, people would now walk close up to her corpse to get a good look of their fear's doing. Whispers of hows and whys were tossed in between them, even a few Light Stalkers went by to see what the other abnormally could do, as they themselves were afraid of the dark and cold. They too questioned these creatures like the humans did.

“I've never seen these, Dark Crawlers, as the mudmen call them.” One of them said as the two of them passed by the murder scene.

“Do you want to?” The other asked and tried not to look at the blood bath.

“No.” The first one answered. “They should be like out of a nightmare!”  

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