Stories I'll never finish

Like the title says, this is the stories I'll never finish. I often have great inspiration, yet I never manage to write more than a few pages or so before a new idea jumps to my mind. So I wanted to share them all; why I don't know.

Mature content and grammar fails might follow.

So here we go, my many stories, I'll never finish.


9. My Pride, My Revenge

Were you ever one of those whom read stories about the post-apocalyptic world? Or did you play games about it? Having fantasies about living in the era after a nuclear world war, and being the hero of it's tales in the dark times? I weren't. No I actually lived it, and let me tell you, it's no dance on red roses here. But I was born into it, after the bombs had stopped from falling and the radiation had spread to every corner of this hell hole. But I were lucky though, I were born in one of the least radiated areas in the city of Ivesdale, and I've only had minimum exposure to the radiation itself. But this place is treacherous, don't ever believe in anything it tells you! And don't trust anyone unless you want a painful death. Don't even trust me.

I had no idea what time it was, the watch in the church stopped working when the bombs hit exactly at 01:30 am.

Everyone were dressed in their finest clothes, though even that had been sloppily patched together, and bore stains that were never meant to come off again.

Don't think I'm religious, cause I'm not! It just feels that much safer in here, but that's a stupid thing.

Another rule of the wasteland, don't ever feel safe. People always feels safest right before they die.

This church is just in a rather good condition, it's walls and roof had been spared from too much damage, but there were no guards and weapons weren't allowed either, so we were pretty vulnerable if anyone should attack. Maybe I was going crazy, it just felt like something bigger was watching over us in here.

I looked at the older woman that sat next to me, she wore a giant bonnet in a dirty, red colour, and every time she nodded to the priests words, I flinched and moved to the side.

Dresses. Bonnets. High Heels. Make-up. Suits. Ties. How could they wear that in times like these? These were the dangerous times where everyone should wear some kind of armor, and always carry a gun and gas-masks! I looked down at my own gas-mask, there were a smaller scratch in the right glass from a mutated rat that tried to bite my head off. Damned bastards had grown to the size of cats.

Everyone then stood up as the ceremony ended and the small talk began. I sighed and took on my mask, which I apparently were the only one doing so. Maybe they were afraid that the mask would ruin their hair, or not fit with their shallow dressing.

Not that I care for any one of these people in here, I'd let them all die if it came to it.

So many people in one room made it warmer, so when I got outside, I felt the horrible truth run through my body. It was snowing. It always snows in Ivesdale.

I stood by and watched as those rich bastards stepped into their cars. Only the rich had money enough for such luxurious things as working cars, but it's just for show, everything is pointless out here, shallow lies that claims they're okay. But they're not. They can't be. Nothing lasts in this age. Nothing except money. And they have plenty of money.

As the cars drove off, it clanked and coughed black smoke which surrounded me in my lonesome spot, as I stood left behind. I heard footsteps and the priest stood next to me, holding a half bible.

“You should wear a mask...” I said but without looking at him.

“No need to worry child, God is my saviour. He will not let me suffer from radiation, for God is good.” Was his answer, and I shook my head with a feeling to hit this man, but I clenched my fist.

How could he still believe in such hogwash after all of what have happened to humanity. I believe he described it to be a modern version of Noah's Ark. Whatever that is.

“Of course. See you next ceremony.” I said and began walking down the street, towards my transportation home.

He sat and waited patiently by an old store near the church, and stood up as he saw me walking towards him. I'm not entirely sure what he is, but he looks something like a wolf that you see in the old picture books or stuffed animals. He's just much taller, like a horse and just as fast, yet he posses the strength of a bear and loyalty like a dog. But through time people have begun calling them wolves, due to their looks resemble a wolfs the most. But they're called Dire Wolf, after those wolfs in the books. They're mostly wild animals, yet they can be tamed if you're willing to suffer for the loyalty they'll offer you. It's a long time since I went through that, and I must admit that it was worth it in the end. Only one I trust is Dween, my loyal Dire Wolf through thick and thin. But there I go again, letting my guard down.

“We should get back before the rest gets worried.” I said as I petted him before jumping onto his back.

I don't know what time it is, but it's early.

I love the sound his paws make as they hit the ground, crushing snow and what might lay below it, there were something calming about it, but riding him is also the only time I can relax without thinking about getting attacked, as people rarely wandered close to any of the animals of the wastes.

He jumped over broken city parts and crushed car roofs as he ran them over with great force.

The wind was pulling my hair, and snow gathered in the glass of my mask, blocking my sight with it's beautiful patterns. I let go with a hand from my grip on his fur to wipe off the snow, and what I saw was a giant, half broken sign saying “Ivesdale TV-station”, or that's what I believe it to say at least, a few letters were missing here and there.

The place was rather empty, prospectors had already looted the place to it's bones for any working technology. It was here we had decided to make camp for the night, as it got too cold to stay outside without the sun.

I don't exactly know who “we” are. A big group of people wandering the wastes, gathered together to increase our chances of surviving. That's how others sees us anyway. I'm just there because I don't see a reason not to. Well nor do I see a reason as to why I should be there with them. Unfortunately it seems like they've all grown to rely on me for their survival, so I can't just leave them. I might prefer surviving alone, but I'm not evil! Besides we have old people and kids as well, me leaving them is a risk, but we're a big group, and I'm not the only one knowing how to handle a gun.

I could feel that the camp-fires had done their best to warm the place up, as I walked inside, ready to become berated. I never really tell anyone where I'm going, and they always scold me when I return, but it's just them getting rid of their fear.

One of them walked to me with haste, and if I recall right, he's the one that always yells at me, yet I never got his name.

“What the hell were you doing! You can't keep wandering off like that, whenever you feel like it! You have a responsibility here!” He kept yelling the same deal every time, about how irresponsible I am, and all that which my parents apparently never taught me, or so he would say.

“Is that all?” I asked as I sensed a pause, and he looked surprised at me, as if I hadn't heard a thing, but by now I had memorized it all.

Without another word he turned around, offended and what not.

I looked around at the people gathered around the bonfires, keeping themselves as warm as possible, with what little clothes they had. They all looked like frightened sheep, clinging to one another to earn some body warmth. And now I was gonna be the big bad wolf and command them to stop cowering and gather their things, so that we could move on. I clapped my hands to get their attention, and as I was sure everyone was looking at me, I spoke.

“Okay, gather your things and get going! We've stayed here long enough for anything to catch our scent or set up an ambush outside! So hurry up! Now!” And they did.

Those who had no things, put out the fires and helped others gather their stuff. Okay so I might be a bit hard on them, but it's for their own good! If I didn't treat them like this, they'd never get ready for the real world that I tried protecting them from. 

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