Stories I'll never finish

Like the title says, this is the stories I'll never finish. I often have great inspiration, yet I never manage to write more than a few pages or so before a new idea jumps to my mind. So I wanted to share them all; why I don't know.

Mature content and grammar fails might follow.

So here we go, my many stories, I'll never finish.


12. Kelley and Thirties

Bars were never really her kind of place, too big a crowd. Yet she always wondered how the horrible stench of alcohol and barf managed to remain inside the walls made out of scrap pieces of metal and other junk from scrapyards. Same went for the noise, none of the loud, drunken talk could be heard outside, only the light and shadows truly revealed the life and party going on inside.

She managed to get inside without turning any heads, which she had hoped as she didn't enjoy all the attention people would normally give her, once they found out who she were.

Her long, black ranger coat swept the floor as she walked over the dirty metal, the hood was pulled up so the shadow perfectly fell over her face, making it impossible to recognize her face. Despite her large boots, they made close to no sound as she went past the vile crowd. Her ragged pants went down over the shoes and her bullet-proof vest seemed rather heavy as she had gotten tired from days of driving to this filthy place. Though the rest of the world weren't in that different of a state. She gave a cough and remembered that she had to change filters soon on her gas-mask.

That's when she saw what she came this long way for. A group of people at their twenties to thirties, her age, sitting by a table wearing their own gas-masks, only taking them off when drinking from whatever they now had bought.

As she stopped by their table they all glared at her, alarmingly so. Their eye's told her to fuck off, clearly not friendly towards her at all. But then a shorter one stood up, one of the girls of the group. Her skin was completely pale, despite them being in a dessert, her hair cut short like a pixie-cut and her eyes had a screaming yellow colour. Her clothes were hanging sloppy and clearly too big for her and no shoes. After they stood and stared each other down, they hugged each other and laughed as the rest of the group did so as well.

“Oh Kelley I nearly thought you wouldn't make it!” The girl said with a smile beneath her gas-mask as she sat down again and Kelley took a seat next to her.

“I nearly didn't Ann.” She said and removed her hood, revealing red, curly and long hair and a pair of sharp, green eyes in between all the freckles. Ann, the girl with the yellow eyes, called for a waiter and ordered Kelley a beer.  

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