Stories I'll never finish

Like the title says, this is the stories I'll never finish. I often have great inspiration, yet I never manage to write more than a few pages or so before a new idea jumps to my mind. So I wanted to share them all; why I don't know.

Mature content and grammar fails might follow.

So here we go, my many stories, I'll never finish.


10. Kelley and the Runaway

“Is she still sleeping?” A voice said as it slowly crawled into her dreams and woke her from her slumber.

The voice wasn't in the same room as her though, she noted as her eyes began slowly opening. It was blurry at first, everything were orange and metallic, but after rubbing her eyes, it all got shaped into their original form and she were greeted by a cold looking room as always. The metal walls of her room did though have rust and dirt on them here and there, so it weren't all 100% clean and sterile, the ground too were rather greased with smudge and dirt. She didn't live the luxurious life, clearly, but she loved her home here. Unmatched, metal walls build by random scrap pieces of junk found, floor barely sticking together with cracks that showed what were beneath you and the ceiling in the same condition, as it led beams of sunlight inside. It all seemed to be such uncivil conditions to live under. Wild, some would say. But she loved it, it's how she grew up, it's what she's used to. Anything else would seem to foreign for her. The beds in the colony they lived at were horrible compared to what's good for your back, but again, it's what they're all used to. Living under poor conditions and selling their wares at almost no money, was their daily lives. Yet everyone lived happily in the dessert their colony had been built in. No war, no bandits, no real evil next to the childish pranks.

“I think she's still sleeping, but it's only 7 am. And she had a long night being on guard duty and all.” Another voice said, and she were right.

Even though there were a great lack of danger, guards would still patrol the streets at night.

She then recognized the voices, one were her mother and the other were her fiancé, yet those two normally never agreed, this conversation seemed rather friendly. Right until the moment when one of them would screw it up as always.

“I know, and she should be allowed to sleep for this long, but I need to talk to her!” The mother said but then the fiancé denied her entrance.

“Well I don't care! My fiancé, my coming wife, is in need of sleep! Let her be!” He said with a raised tone and the mother did not welcome that.

“I don't care whether you care or not! If you don't move, I swear to the Gods that I'll-” Then the door opened and Kelley stood in the door opening.

“Would both of you please just quiet down already. I'm up now.” She said and rested against the door frame, as her fiancé gave her an apologetic look.

I'm sorry love, I tried to keep it down.”

It's okay hun, could you please go and make me some breakfast? I'll talk to my mother.”

He nodded before walking off, and Kelley's mother smiled as if she had won their argument.

The living room they then sat in weren't that much bigger from Kelley's bedroom, but it still possessed a rather large, yet broken, TV, a couch with room for four people, a table and a bookcase. Everything were in a horrible condition, but it was luxury where they lived, seeing how they made more money than the common colonist, as the father of the house were part of the political house, and Kelley were one of the more successful guards.

So mother, what's all this hassle about?” She asked the older lady as she leaned back onto the expensive, torn leather couch, but everything got uncomfortable when tears began showing in her mother's eyes.

Mother?” Kelley asked hesitantly, when the other woman suddenly threw her into Kelley's arms, crying loudly.

Oh Kelley, my dearest Kelley! It's-it's your little sister!” She cried and sobbed, and it only worried Kelley.

What's with Marcy, mother? Has something happened to her?” She asked, trying to stay calm, but her shaking voice revealed her.

In the door opening, Jayden, Kelley's Fiancé, stood and felt bad for denying the grieving mother entrance to her oldest daughter, but then he slowly stepped away as he felt like she was intruding.

She's... she's gone!” Those words lingered in Kelley's ears, paining her as to what could've happened.

Gone?!” She asked worried and a bit loudly.

She left the colony!” Her mother sobbed and Kelley weren't sure she understood.

It was almost impossible to leave the colony undetected. It weren't a crime or anything, just rather unusual, especially for a girl her age at 17. Also the colony were placed in the middle of a dessert, so unless she managed to get a vehicle, she'd die of hunger or thirst out there, that is if the wild life didn't get to her first.

But how...?” She asked silently, mostly to herself since the mother probably didn't even know.

Kelley and her father had a dessert car, since the colony were rather big, so they could get quicker around, and a shock of fear shot through her as she saw the keys to it were gone.

Mother! Where's father?! Did he take the car?!” She yelled at her sobbing mother, who whimpered no and said that he were visiting the neighbours.

Why?...” She then asked and gasped when Kelley stood up and ran outside towards the garage.

Darling your gas-mask!” Her mother called for her, but Kelley were in a hurry.

The garage was empty. She slammed her fist at the metal wall, making a small bulge and her knuckles began bleeding. She cursed as she stretched her fingers to look at the damage, when her mother came running with her gas-mask and she quickly put it on Kelley with trembling hands, whilst Kelley herself just stood completely still, almost unnatural so.

“Did she... oh don't tell me that my little girl...” The mother fell to her knees crying and Jayden knelt next to her, comforting her as much as he now were allowed to.

Despite their smaller hatred, the mother still welcomed Jayden's caring.

“What now?” Jayden asked and looked up at Kelley, who still stood quietly by and watched her hand.

“I... I don't know yet...”

After a few hours passed, and the entire colony had been searched for her, Kelley and her father went to talk to the Mayor and the other politicians. But they refused to help.

“I'm sorry Larry and Kelley, but we can't spend precious time looking for your daughter. We do send our deepest apologies to your wife.” It sounded so fake, coming from the Mayor, and it wasn't only Kelley who felt it.

“You bastards! My little daughter at the age of 17, is somewhere out there! Who knows what could've happened to her!” Kelley's father yelled angrily at them.

“Father...” She tried to pull him back but he pushed her away and walked closer to the politicians.

“I knew it! You're all too selfish to help me! I wont stand by this any more-”

“Father!” Kelley then yelled and forced him back and held him with the strongest grip she could process. “They're not worth the trouble father.”  

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