Stories I'll never finish

Like the title says, this is the stories I'll never finish. I often have great inspiration, yet I never manage to write more than a few pages or so before a new idea jumps to my mind. So I wanted to share them all; why I don't know.

Mature content and grammar fails might follow.

So here we go, my many stories, I'll never finish.


11. Kelley and Rai

The mechanically sound of an old cars engine was the first she noticed, as her mind returned to reality. Afterwards she could hear the dry ground crunching under the wheels, and feel the dry air she were breathing through her gas-mask. Then she suddenly realized that she was alive and sat up in a gasp with her eyes wide open.

The car she sat in was rather small and looked like a bedroom, with the bed she was laying on, a box with clothes and smaller items for hygiene. As she looked over the dirty, metallic room bathed in an orange gloom from the suns beams that crawled through cracks in the foundation, she noticed an older man sitting on a stool by the end of the bed.

“Wha-what happened?” Kelley stuttered as she checked that she were dressed, before sitting up and removing the warm blanket laid over her.

“I don't know, looked like your colony were attacked by a band of raiders.” He said and chewed on a dry piece of meat.

”What?! What about the rest of the colony?! My parent's, my fiancé!” Kelley panicked and stood up too quickly, hitting her head against the low ceiling, and the crash made her fall back down at the bed.

“Easy now, you took quite the damage. I'm very sorry, but everyone's dead. You're the only survivor...” His words paralysed her, she sat and glared straight into the air, mouth agape under the gas-mask as no words would come out.

“I... B-but... how... No you can't be serious... Am I dreaming?! Please say I'm dreaming.” She rambled and the man answered her, even though she didn't want him to.

“I'm afraid not.” He said in a cough and offered her something to eat, and she then realised how hungry she were.

“Wait- Who are you?” She asked and took a bite of the dry and tough meat, looking at the older man.

He wore a gas-mask in a rather bad condition, he wore a brown cap and a pair of ski-goggles placed on his forehead. His skin were dark and dirty, his hair were grey and tousled, and he had small eyes that Kelley barely could see. His clothes were ragged and just as dirty as everything else. Despite having the items for it, his hygiene seemed rather low and sloppy.

“I'm just a merchant, nothing more, nothing less. And what about you?”

“Kelley.” She answered low and tried relaxing a bit, but she felt so tense and her body was in a bit of pain, he had probably done what he could.

“How... how do you know it was bandits? I don't seem to recall anything...” She felt her head and then noticed it were wrapped in bandages, so were her arms, hands and right shoulder, along with her legs, it must've been a hairy fight.

“It's mostly only bandits that burns down entire colonies. And I don't guess you've become enemies with the Phoenix order, as everyone knows how stupid that is. I'm actually surprised that you managed to survive.” He said and stood up to stretch his short body in a dozen of cracks.

“But... what're bandits doing all the way out here? We haven't done anyone anything, so why anyone would attack us... I really don't know.” It pained her to think at all, but she was also so confused.

“Yes, you dessert colonists often live in a great solitude, only contact with the rest of the world you get is the merchants that passes by. You must really have gotten on someone's nerves to get them bothered enough to come out here.”

What he said was true, but Kelley didn't recall the colony bothering anyone.

“I... I really have no idea...” She whispered and looked around as if she was trying to realize something obvious.

“Don't stress yourself with this now. You need to rest.” He said as he lit a cigar and looked out through a larger crack, and Kelley agreed as she laid down again and looked at the ceiling.

“Ever been outside the colony before?” The merchant suddenly asked and she looked his way, even though he stood with his back turned at her.

“No... I haven't...” She said and looked back up at the ceiling.

“Then you're in for a big treat.”

That she didn't doubt. She adjusted her gas-mask a bit so it wouldn't bother her, or leave painful markings as she closed her eyes to sleep from the exhaustion that had been bugging her for a few minutes now.

Suddenly she almost jumped awake with her eyes wide open, all within one second, as the sound of a crowd build around the car, and for a second she thought she'd fallen asleep during her duty again, but sadly it weren't so.

She quickly recognized the dirty room she sat in, and slowly standing up, she walked to the door, hesitantly. Who knew what she'd meet out there? What were she to expect? The sounds sure told her that there were civilized people, and many of them. But just as she reached to open the door, someone from outside did it for her, though she didn't notice who as the crowd caught her attention.

They were all dark skinned like herself, all from the sun's influence. They had black hair and wore different kinds of clothes, all in between a single dress, armor and shirts and pants. What shocked her the most is that not even half of them wore gas-masks, some only wore a cloth covering their mouth and the rest didn't seem to care that they were breathing mildly toxic air.

Then she heard someone take a deep sniff and she looked at the old merchant standing next to her.

“Ah~! Smell that air!” He said and smiled beneath a rather thick beard, which he had magically hid inside his mask.

“Are you crazy?! Take your mask on!” She spoke rather loudly, turning some gazes their way, but the older man didn't do as she pleaded.

“Oh live your life a little, take that mask off and smell the scent of life, strange spices and herbs!” He spoke of it as if it was godlike, but Kelley didn't exactly feel for it the same way and crossed her arms.

“No thank you, I can smell it all just fine.”

She looked around again, even at it's busiest hour, her colony hadn't held this many people, it was almost wrong to watch so many people be squeezed into this small an area. And the fact that so little seemed to care about the toxic air they were inhaling, was also startling next to where she came from.

“Don't worry, you'll get used to this quickly.” The old merchant said and followed behind the cars as they started driving slowly through the crowd, which separated in order to let them by.

With big and curious eyes, Kelley watched everything closely as they passed it by. People selling primitive wares in primitive booths. Her own colony weren't that futuristic, but it felt like years ahead of these people. Yet not; she stopped up as they passed by something called a “holo-store”, and as the merchant noticed her stopping up, he made the rest wait for them.

Her eyes shone with admiration of what were being shown to a few customers inside.

A holo-tool. You've never seen it?” He asked and smiled at her agape mouth, as she almost hit her face on the dirty window.

No... what is it exactly?”

You could call it a very high-technological computer, that almost weighs nothing so you can carry it on your arm, like he's showing them. It takes care of maps, messages, anything you need it to do, it can do it.”

It was rather fascinating to watch as the salesman demonstrated everything it could.

I thought that colonies had this kind of technology. But yours must really have been isolated from the rest of the world.” He said and she agreed to it, she had always meant they needed to communicate with others than the merchants, but the Mayor never thought it was a good idea.

I have to ask... can it also be used as a weapon?” She asked and looked away from the enchanting, orange glowing holo-tool, and down at the short man.

He smiled as he answered. “It can send these electronic charges through the air and...” He stopped speaking as he noticed the way she was looking at him, and her eyes just said “c'mon, do you really think I understand what you're saying?”

And he sighed, still smiling though. “Yes. It can be used as a weapon, but not good for ranged attacks. It might be the most expensive thing to buy in the entire world.” He turned away from the window and clapped the car, signing to the driver that they were moving on.

Kelley!” He shouted for her, and she slowly began following as her eyes lingered on the magical item.

They stopped by an inn to get breakfast, yet what were served didn't look that inviting.

What's this?” Kelley asked and poked it with her fork.

It was almost black, yet it seemed rather soft and not crisp at all, it was long and slimy too.

It's called octopus.” The merchant said as he gorged on his own piece with pleasure.

Oh I've heard of those. They're some kind of water monsters, right?” She slowly cut a piece from it, and it's insides looked just as fried as the rest of it.

Slowly she removed her mask to taste it, but she were quick to reject it. “Blergh! Salty...” She pushed it away and reached for the bread only, as the merchant sat by and chuckled.

So what do you plan to do now?” He asked with his mouth full of food.

Kelley took her time answering, as she actually didn't know at all, and he figured so.

Well I assume you want some kind of revenge?” He said in a low and rather dark voice, looking at his half eaten octopus.

And he was right, or so Kelley thought, she needed revenge, the need suddenly rushed her mind. She needed to kill those bastards. All of them. The merchant saw how she suddenly chocked the bread in an angry fist.

You can't take them all on alone, you know.” He said short and straight, and again she agreed with him.

But what do you want me to do?” She looked at him and he did too, supporting his head with his hands.

I'm no strategist, but I say it'd be easiest with companions.” And what she thought he meant by that made him chuckle.

No don't expect me to follow you around. I'm way to old for that kind of adventure, haha.” He took another mouthful as he stopped laughing, and it left Kelley hanging impatiently.

Then what?!” She asked irritated, and he looked back up at her.

I might have some friends around that can help you... But first I need you to do something for me. A favour for a favour.” That said and mixed with his gaze, it made it run cold down Kelley's back, and she hesitated to agree upon this, but what else could she do.

She sank hard and then opened her mouth to speak: “What do you need me to do?”

His smirk made her regret asking as it looked to be purely evil.

I need you to get something for me. A very important item. No questions, just go get hi- It.”

He began eating again and gave Kelley time to consider it, yet she found it very shady. Something was wrong, or at least not entirely legal, which was something she always thought about, seeing how she were a guard. Or used to be. But was there any price to high to pay for revenge? A revenge she didn't know she waned until now. Once she told herself the answer to that, she stuck out her hand.

Tell me where to go.” He gave that evil grin again and looked very pleased as he shook her hand, but she tried not to notice, not to let it bother her.

I'm sure you'll get the job done. Once you've delivered the item to me, I'll give you a list of allies and a token, so they'll know you're not lying.”

She kept looking at her hand as he walked out of the inn, leaving behind money for the food. It felt like she had just made a deal with the devil, or at least one of his servants. After standing and looking like a fool admiring her hand, she snapped back to the present and looked around quickly, searching for the merchant, yet he was gone from the inn.

Wait!” She shouted and turned everyone's heads as she pushed people aside to get outside. But the cars were gone.

You... didn't tell me where to go...” She huffed breathless and looked around for any signs of where the car had went, but it was like it had never even been there.

Are you Kelley?” A very small and childish voice asked, and when she looked down, she saw a little boy wearing rags standing with his big eyes looking up at her.

What can I do for you kid?” She asked, and the kid said no more and just simply handed her a piece of paper.

She looked away from him for nothing but a second, and as she looked down again he was gone.

What...” She looked around, but like the merchant and his cars, the kid magically vanished into the thin air. But she didn't bother looking for him, as he had no real use to her.

The writing in the letter were rather bad, but she still managed to read it.

“I'm sorry Kelley, but I had to leave quickly. Business you know. The item is called Rai, and I don't know where it is, but trust me, you'll know it when you see it. I'd start asking around if I were you.” She figured it was written by the merchant, and she folded it, putting it in one of her pockets.  

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