Stories I'll never finish

Like the title says, this is the stories I'll never finish. I often have great inspiration, yet I never manage to write more than a few pages or so before a new idea jumps to my mind. So I wanted to share them all; why I don't know.

Mature content and grammar fails might follow.

So here we go, my many stories, I'll never finish.


8. A Rebellion

Winter were hard on them, especially now in the middle of the war. Screams and gunshots echoed in the white streets as the war roamed the entire country. Down in the frozen sewers sat a smaller group belonging to the rebellion, as they planned their next attack at the enemy who were passing by soon topside.

“It's rather simple, so God help me if you fail at this.” The leader of the rebellion spoke to his daughter, one of the commanders in the war.

His face were displayed on a hologram coming off from Rose-Mary's holo-tool.

“You can't fail at this, that'd be too embarrassing for the rebellion! Now go, and don't show your faces again if you loose.” Then he vanished, leaving an unfriendly vibe around them all, even though they all had been fighting together since the dawn of the war, Rose-Mary's father could always make them forget everything but the fear of loosing.

The punishment were death and that would be most humiliating for them all.

“You heard the man, don't fail. But c'mon, when did we ever loose a fight?” She said and tried to keep morale up, and they all reacted positively to it.

“Yeah, we've never failed a mission before, or lost a battle. Drinks on me after this!” Sergeant Caspar said and raised a tattooed arm up, and the rest of them mimicked and raised a hand in a “hooah!”, cheerfully ready and self-confident.

Her holo-tool's green light brightened the room again as she brought up 3D-map, picturing the above street of the ruined city Coronac.

“Okay, so the radar says that there's three cars driving this way, from the end of the street.” The map moved to the end of the street, where three cars held still.

“Hmm... apparently some of the ruins have collapsed unto the road, they'll need time removing it.” Rose-Mary mumbled and zoomed in on the spot.

The radar had detected their holo-tool's the moment they stepped out from the vehicles, and it showed five silhouettes of soldiers, as they began removing the rubble.

“We don't know how many more's inside the vehicles, or if there's more cars that's shielded from the radar. So be careful out there.”

“Yes ma'am!” They saluted her and she smiled proudly at them, before turning of their lights on their holo-tool's and took on the night-vision-goggles.

The night topside were horribly cold, but their clothes were isolated from the cold, though not entirely. Their hoods were pulled up and faces completely covered with their gas-masks and night-vision-goggles, along with any scarf’s shielding out the cold. They wore tight and warm gloves, loose thermal clothes in many layers and isolated boots. All in the colours of the night and city.

They reloaded their weapons before crawling up a ladder, Rose-Mary as the first, looking around with her night-vision as all electricity in this street had been cut out by her group, to blind the enemies.

“Remember the plan, move out.” She spoke into the headset in the gas-mask, and the others responded with a “Copy that”, as they moved up into position behind covers and on buildings.

Rose-Mary hid behind a giant stone sign, which were built in memorial of a heroic soldier, placed outside the orphanage he grew up in, which now were only a half ruin. Buildings such as apartments and offices were placed on the other side of the street, and she zoomed in on her comrades to make sure they're in position.

“Position taken” they'd say to her to confirm their places.

Down at the end of the street, the rubble were almost gone, and the cars headlights created bright spots on their visions, but they had to adapt to it.

“Snipers, can you see them?” She asked and they weren't slow at reacting.

“Not yet ma'am.” “Neither here.” “Nope.” “Rubble's still in the way.” They all said, yet the last one gave another reply: “I can see one.” He were one of the higher placed snipers they had.

“Hold your fire until you all have a target.” She demanded and they kept their ammunition for the perfect hits.

The cars began moving up the street and the five of them on foot walked first.

“Target acquired” they all said as they aimed carefully at their heads.

“Okay keep it there. Sergeant Caspar, take Private Birk, Dree and Jork and move up close to an attack from behind.”

“Yes ma'am.” Caspar's voice were heard in her ear and she could see them move in the dark.

“Shoot!” And the snipers fired, hitting them right between the eyes and the cars then stopped.

She again zoomed in on the enemies vehicles and noticed that they didn't bear any weapons, and quickly realized who they were attacking.

“No! Don't shoot!” She shouted and stood quickly up, running towards the vehicles as the chattering began loudly in her ears, but she ignored it.

The soldiers they had shot were enemies, so no harm done there, but these were civilian vehicles, under the enemy's flag but still innocents.

“What's going on Commander?” Caspar asked and hesitated as he moved up next to Rose-Mary, he didn't give a thought to the dead soldiers, but looked confused at his commanding officer.

“They're civilians...” Rose-Mary whispered and she could her the frightened chatter from within, as it quieted down in her ear-piece.

“Abandon mission.” She then said and walked closer to the car's door.

“There's a death penalty on abandoning missions!” Private Birk said as they all now gathered around Rose-Mary and the cars.

“We're coming in with civilians. See it as a peace offering, a payment for our lives. All these cars are filled with them.” She spoke very persuasive, yet the death penalty would be on her head as she were the one calling the mission off, if this wouldn't persuade her father to forgiveness.

She opened the first door and everyone inside it threw themselves back and hid their faces, but she just smiled upon them and began explaining.

“You had clear orders as to what to do!” Her father, Aidan Starholm, shouted at her loudly, as her team stood by, surrounded by guards in the ruined room that were supposedly Aidan's throne room, yet Rose-Mary didn't think it were big enough for his giant ego.

“They are civilians!” She yelled back, but he didn't care for it.

If they hailed under an enemy's flag, they were the enemy, no matter rank.

“Deserters!” He responded with, but she just raised her voice even louder.

“I killed the enemy! I saved civilians! They will do good work for us!”

“They are the enemy!” He pointed the way the cars were parked outside.

“Father please! They're nothing but slaves! Being traded between parties all over! They don't belong anywhere or to anyone, they will work willingly for you and your men. Please, father, give them a chance to repent.” Her father didn't take long to make his decision, even though she had lied about them being slaves, she were still rather persuasive.

“Fine. You get to live. This time!” He raised a finger at her, and then turned around, still talking.

“I hope for your sake that they're worth it all. But I can't let this go unpunished, that'd be a sign to the enemies spies that I'm a weakling!” He began walking back and forth in front of her, and she glanced over her shoulder and back at her squad, when the father suddenly spoke:

“You'll guard the South entrance. There's been sightings of Ergug's in some of the abandoned buildings, I'd like you to send someone to terminate them.”

An Ergug is snow-wolves that have mutated due to the radiation, they're over 6 feet tall, have three eyes and it is one of the mutants with the thickest pelt. They're also one of the deadliest animals around, but that's just a part of the life they have now.

“Bu-” she was about to protest, but that'd be in vain.

“Yes sir...” She sighed and saluted him, as he folded his hands behind his back and nodded at her.

“Dismissed. Guards, bring in my slaves!”

As Rose-Mary walked down from the stairs that lead to her father's “throne”, she saw the slaves being pulled in and her conscience got a hard punch as she weren't proud of her lies.

The South entrance were rather slim, as it contained mostly old apartments with strong structures so that they could withstand a greater beating. If one didn't know it was residences, it would've looked like a large wall, shielding the city

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