Double Trouble

Hi, my names are Emma and this is Brooklyn Hughes. We're twin sisters. We are like one and another a lot an we both had to leave our home since our parents are not the best for eachother. One day, I met a curly haired boy named Harry, but little did I know my twin sister had as well, and the boy thinks we are the same person. How should I - I mean we - how should we tell him?


9. Chapter 9:

Niall's POV

The fans were running after me, the paparazzi had their cameras, I was freaked out. I flashed out of the parking lot in seconds. I took a deep breath, relieved. I flipped the visor, when it hit my eye.
"Bloody visor!" I said. I flipped it back down, checking out my eye. It was just starting to get black and blue. "I couldn't go back to the hotel.." I thought. The paparazzi was there, the screaming fans. Brooklyn couldn't know. I took a pair of black shades and set them on my eyes, I looked in the mirror. There.

While driving, I could feel my eye swelling up. The cold wind gushing through my hair felt better. The fact that it was hitting my eye, it felt like the ice pack I needed. I looked back for a second. I felt happy, relieved that no one was chasing me down, especially paparazzi.

I finally arrived at our flat. I knocked on the door. Harry answered.
"Hi." He said. "Emma's sleeping."
"Still? She still hungover?" I said.
"She woke up, but fell back asleep." We laughed. I waited a while. Suddenly Louis came downstairs with a towel wrapped around his hips.
"Hello lads," he said.
"Shhhh!!!!" We both said. Harry pointed at Emma. Louis raised his hands, like he was guilty.
"Sorry," Louis replied. Suddenly Emma woke up. She noticed me right away.
"Oh, hi Niall. Can we go now?" She was about to get up, when Harry pined her down back on the couch. She laughed. "Shit!" I thought. Louis was still downstairs. I ran over to Louis and pushed him back upstairs,
"Can I not meet her?" Louis said. I can't believe he would say that.
"You can meet her later, not right now." I exaggerated, but I was being serious. He nodded.
I gave Harry a thumbs up. He unpinned Emma.
"What was that for?" She said. Harry twitched his eyebrows at me and stared angrily, waiting for a lip-sinking response. He went ahead.
"Just for fun, you know, us British lads." He said. I cut him off.
"Anyways, we have to bring you home, don't you wanna see your friend Brooklyn?" I said.
"But she's my-" I cut her off.
"Listen, we have to bring you back, okay?" I let out slight laughs in between.
"Sure, sure." I brought her back to the car, she said goodbye to Harry. Yup, still drunk.

It was a while until she started talking again.
"So, let me get this straight, you didn't tell Harry?" She said.
"No, he doesn't believe it." I said. She looked confused.
"Yeah, we're not telling him right now. Okay?"
"Okay." We looked at each other with smiles. We had this awkward silence until I stared talking again.
"So, did Harry tell you about what happened?"
"Yeah, yeah. Of course." She said.
"Good, I wouldn't want to explain it again..." We laughed.

I brought Emma back to the hotel. Shit, the paparazzi was there. I had to hide Emma. I took off my shades.
"What happened to your eye?" She said.
"It doesn't matter, take these." I said. She put them on and tied her hair up, she knew exactly what was happening, she didn't know that I was part of a British boy band.
"Yes, it does matter. Brooklyn needs to know." I got out of the car, and pulled Emma with me. I snuck out to the back and opened the back door. Shit, fans. I took the upstairs and pulled her up. She followed me, and didn't ask any questions. "Good." I thought.

I finally returned into the room with Emma. Brooklyn popped off the bed fast.
"EMMA!" Brooklyn said.
"BROOKLYN!" Emma said. They rushed over for a hug. A sense of happiness rushed through my body. Not only because I brought twins back together, but because I was the only one who knew. I realized their twin connection was strong, I had to keep them together.
"Um, girls?" They looked at me for a second. "So, I can't bear for you two to stay here forever, so would you like to stay at Harry's flat for a while, until you find a place of your own?" They talked it out. They came back and Brooklyn said.
"Maybe we can stay somewhere else, only for reasons, reasons we don't wanna get caught and mixed up. By Harry, he's not really understanding this right now, by any chance, do you have any other flat we can stay at?" She finished.
"Actually, we do. It's mine. But I don't go there much. Does it work?" I said.
"Sure. Lets pack first." Brooklyn said.
"Okay, let's do that." Emma said. I was happy I got them back together.

Suddenly, Brooklyn came over to me.
"Holy shit Niall, what happened to your eye?" She rubbed it a little, and I let a weird noise out of my mouth, just to let know it was stinging.
"My bloody visor hit me in the convertible." I said.
"Wait, I saw fans chasing after a convertible, was that yours?" She said.
"Yes, but they stopped once they saw that I wasn't famous." I had to lie, it would be too quick. She would understand though. I couldn't bear to see the look on her face, at least not right now.

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