Double Trouble

Hi, my names are Emma and this is Brooklyn Hughes. We're twin sisters. We are like one and another a lot an we both had to leave our home since our parents are not the best for eachother. One day, I met a curly haired boy named Harry, but little did I know my twin sister had as well, and the boy thinks we are the same person. How should I - I mean we - how should we tell him?


7. Chapter 7:

Brooklyn's POV
I rushed towards the entrance, only to see Niall walk in.
"Niall, you're late!" I hit him a little hard, as he was rubbing his arm, feeling the hurt I had.
"Sorry, I couldn't find the place, it's almost 10:00 I know, but it's all worth it once you see what I got you!" He said. I was excited to see what he got me. It was a rectangular gift with red wrapping paper around it, completed with a bow. I examined the gift.
"I wonder what it is, I'll open it later." I said. "We should spend some time together." Me and Niall hit the dance floor, it's like everyone knew him, because every one wanted to say hi to him. "Back off ladies, he's mine." I thought to say. A slow song came on, and that curly haired boy- Harry was his name - was coming towards me. I almost pushed Niall out of the way, but I let it through , it turned out he was going for some brunette chick I didn't recognize.

"What's wrong love?" Niall said. "You seem worried.."
"Nah, I'm fine." I said. I lied. Only to keep this a secret. I wasn't sure about the both of them yet. Niall calling me love and Harry calling me sweetheart even though I hated it so much, his British accent made it come together, yet it was so dark and raspy. Niall had an Irish accent, I would only ask him if I got to know him better. Back to the moment. I was dancing with Niall, my arms wrapped around my waist. I leaned into him, making everything I was worrying about just... disappear. My head sunk into his shoulders, and he started rubbing my back gently. He brought me over to the corner of the room to whisper in my ear.
"There is something wrong, you can tell me when you're ready.. It's going to be fine love... Shh." He comforted me so well, I didn't know who to choose, although Harry seemed interested in some brunette chick. My head my still sunk into him, I sniffed a little. Suddenly, I felt a tear coming. "Please don't shed tears, please don't." I thought to myself. "Just do it." My mind was controlling. A tear shed right down my face only to splash on Niall's shirt. He lifted my chin up- almost like Harry did - and wiped the tear with his finger. I felt better.
"Let's go dance." He said. "I don't want the birthday girl to miss her big night."
"Me either." I said, happily, trying to get the water - and running mascara - off my face.
"It's going to be okay..." Niall said, giving me an even bigger smile on my face.

Emma's POV
Harry and I were together again, I started to think he was a stalker, then again he seemed pretty nice. He had to loose the pushy voice and the 'tude though. Yet, his pushy self , that's what pulled me to him. He had my arms purposely wrapped around his neck, and his around my waist. Some douche had requested four slow songs for his hoe to the DJ, which kept me with Harry for at least 15 minutes. The song finally stopped, as another slow one came on.
"Can I grab a drink?" I said to Harry.
"Sure, grab me one as well." He said. He let my arms go and I walked over to go and grab a drink. I ran into Brooklyn.

"Hey!" I said. "How's your night going?"
"Good, Niall came." She said. Her mascara was all bulgy, but I didn't bother asking.
"How is he?"
"He got me a gift, but I didn't open it yet."
"Cool." We ignored each other, grabbing drinks. I grabbed two, and Brooklyn had left the table. I drank my glass quickly and poured another one. I walked back, bumping into several people in between.
"Hey," I said to Harry, "got your drink. You like this?"
"Yeah, looks good." He said, giving it a quick sniff. It wasn't cocaine, so I laughed. He looked up at me and smiled. "What?"
"Nothing," I gave it a while until I let out a little laugh again. He re-wrapped my arms him again, until the slow song stopped. The high energy song made me and Harry dance like wild animals, until I saw Brooklyn coming towards me. I looked back and Harry wasn't there anymore.
"Heyyyy." She said.
"Hey!" I said. "Where's the Nando's guy?"
"His name is Niall and he went to go and hang out with some other guys, so I came over and here I am, with you."
"Exchange?" She held a drink, looking at mine.
"Sure, why not." I said. We gave each other our drinks and started chugging. Hers was really strong. We finished them and laid them down at a near table. We continued dancing. 15 minutes later, I started feeling dizzy, and I held on to Brooklyn, who was blurry as bloody hell. She looked at me too, I widened my eyes and saw her looking very dizzy.
"Emma?" She said.. "I think I'm gonna-"I cut her off, I knew what she was feeling....
"Me too." I said. And we both fell down hard on the dance floor. I had too many drinks.
"Hey! Two chicks collapsed over here! Help!" A guy said, I heard those last words, the world went in a blur, then my eyes just, shut.

Harry's POV
"Hey! Two chicks collapsed over here! Help!" A guy said. I ran over, grabbing Niall on my way. He was eating little bits of food at a time.
"Niall, come!" I grabbed his wrist and he came running over. I barged into a couple people only to see Emma and another girl, collapsed.
"Emma!" I said. "Go." I said to everyone but Niall. "Nothing to see here.." They kept dancing, but I let a couple guys guard the area. I picked her up as I noticed the two wearing the same dress, Emma's hair was covering her face, I flipped it over, her beautiful eyes enclosed in a deep sleep. I looked at Niall, he was looking at the other girl, who was laying on the floor.
"God Niall, pick her up!" I said.
"Bu-" I cut him off.
"I don't CARE! Just pick her up." He knew I wasn't being mean, he just has to be a pussy and just pick her up. He picked her up and said.
"But it's Brooklyn." He murmured. "And they're wearing the same dress."

Niall's POV
I stared at the girl on the floor, it had to be Brooklyn, or Emma. Anyways, they were wearing the same dress. And that couldn't be a coincidence.
"God Niall, pick her up!" Harry said.
"Bu-" I said but he cut me off.
"I don't CARE! Just pick her up." He said. I went ahead and picked her up, her hair was that tinted shade of brown, her mascara was all bulgy, just like the last time I saw her.
"But it's Brooklyn." I murmured. "And they're wearing the same dress."
"I can tell they're wearing the same dress, but they can't be.. Twins? That's impossible." He said. He flipped over her hair and saw the bulged mascara, it looked like a complete different person, he'd see. If they weren't the twins I saw at Nando's, they were two, completely different girls.
"I'll take this one home." Harry said. I walked over to the entrance and grabbed the matching jackets- again another clue they were the twins i saw -and I pulled out a hotel key.
"I'll bring her to her hotel room, that way they - or she -won't be all freaked out when they wake up." I said. He nodded.
"Text me when you get there." Harry said. I pulled out my phone and winked. He gently put Emma in his car and left off quickly. His place was only 5 minutes away from here. The hotel was almost 15 minutes away. I gently placed Brooklyn into the car, wrapped her with a blanket, and hopped in the other side. I started the car as I looked in the bar, guess those people had the place to themselves now. I looked at Brooklyn and said.
"It's going to be okay." The last words I told her before she collapsed.

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