Double Trouble

Hi, my names are Emma and this is Brooklyn Hughes. We're twin sisters. We are like one and another a lot an we both had to leave our home since our parents are not the best for eachother. One day, I met a curly haired boy named Harry, but little did I know my twin sister had as well, and the boy thinks we are the same person. How should I - I mean we - how should we tell him?


6. Chapter 6:

Brooklyn's POV
"You okay Emma?" I said to her. She didn't look fine. "You look sick." I added.
"No," she said holding her stomach, "I only had one drink. I'm fine, I promise.."
"Okay, just don't get drunk, you're my ride home, even though I can drive." She walked away. I kept on partying like a wild animal.
"Happy birthday!" A girl said to me. I couldn't recognize her face, and I probably didn't even know her. I decided to grabs another drink. I was depressed because I didn't see Niall walk in yet. I pulled out my phone and started texting him.
Brooklyn - Hey, where are you?
Niall - I'm here, I'm trying to look for you.
Brooklyn- Okay, this place is huge so I'll try looking for you , but remember I wanna have fun too. :)
Niall- Whatever makes your night, love. Xox.

I thought this "love" thing went a little too fast, I mean, I only met him at a restaurant, he was a stranger to me before Emma shoved me over there.
"Meh," I said. "What if I didn't meet him?" I would still have depression. So Niall changed me, just a little, I was still sad though. Back to the moment, I was pushing through people, trying not to spill my drink, and people were calling me Emma. Probably because I was wearing the same dress as her. Suddenly, I bumped into a male figure, my mouth almost shoving into his curly hair. He took my chin and lifted my head up with a single finger.
"Well love, trying to run away?" His dark, demeaning voice creeped me out.
"Um, no, trying to find someone." I said in a serious voice. "Do I even know you?" I added.
"Of course you do darling. It's Harry, those drinks must of piled up in your head." He grabbed my wrist, that not making me going anywhere. "What's your name again,
sweetheart?" Ugh, the name sweetheart rang through my head like a bush full of thrones. My dad used to call me that when we had big fights. He relaxed me by calling me that in the same tone, and I would end up bitch slapping him in the face. He would do the same to me. I would go back into my bedroom crying, Emma there to comfort me.
"Brooklyn, and DON'T call me sweetheart." I said.
"Do I have your number?" He said in a sweeter tone. He was drunk.
"No, but you can have it." I said. "You're pretty cute." I started to flirt with him. But his dark, pushy tone had to stop. He pushed my brown, curly hair back and stared into my brown eyes.
"Here." I said handing him the paper, clicking the pen and laying it back on the table. "I have to go now."
"But I thought you weren't running away?" He said in a sweeter tone than the last, a slight "I don't wanna lose you again." Voice.
"I'm not running away, I have to find someone." I said. I ran off into the smoke, my eyes blinded by it. I started texting Niall again.
Brooklyn- where are you? I thought you said you were here.
Niall- I am, but it doesn't seem party worthy.
Brooklyn- NIALLL! You're at the wrong bar.
Niall- OMG, oops... I'll come to the right one as soon as possible. Love you. Xox
Brooklyn- love you too.

Now I'm pissed. Niall hasn't shown up yet, and this "Harry." Was drunk-flirting with me. He had my number. Ugh, anyways. I started to have fun again, all this drama was interfering with this one night I had. I entered into a mixed group and they instantly noticed me and let me in. I started dancing and all the thoughts just disappeared...

Harry's POV
I was standing there alone with my drink. I met Brooklyn - or was it Emma. - and they both ran off in the foggy, stone lights. Suddenly, I got a text.
Niall- So where is this bar again? I'm lost.
Harry- around the corner from that party store like I told you.
Niall- okay thanks, I don't wanna miss a dance with a special girl I have planned.
Harry- okay whatever, meet me here first, I'm kinda alone after one pretty girl ran off, but she gave me her number twice.
Niall- just please don't get drunk...
I closed my phone, I searched for the girl again. I was madly in love with her. Brooklyn was her name, the last time I remember, and I didn't want her to run away again. I stopped and pulled out the two pieces of paper she gave to me. I scanned the numbers. They didn't match. I was confused, but probably drunk.

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