Double Trouble

Hi, my names are Emma and this is Brooklyn Hughes. We're twin sisters. We are like one and another a lot an we both had to leave our home since our parents are not the best for eachother. One day, I met a curly haired boy named Harry, but little did I know my twin sister had as well, and the boy thinks we are the same person. How should I - I mean we - how should we tell him?


37. Chapter 37:

Niall's POV

After a couple days, the boys had left and I finally headed into the master bedroom. It was decorated around the walls with lights, the bed was centre in the room, filled with pillows and sheets; there was a door that led to a closet then a bathroom with a walk-in shower. Pretty big for an apartment. Suddenly I felt thin arms wrap around my waist, touching my toned abs.
"Hi Niall." Brooklyn whispered in my ear. Her voice ran chills up my spine. She had fallen into a deep sleep the last night with the boys. I carried her into her bed, and she remained there for two days, turning sick. I cared and cared for her, bringing tissues and tea, while Emma went shopping with Harry and Zayn. I hadn't heard her normal, fixed voice in days, all I listened to was a low, cracked, caring voice. " I missed you, I'm better now.." This had been the first time she had seen the master bedroom. She scanned around, focusing on the bright Christmas lights, her eyes amazed. "It's so fascinating in here.." She whispered once more after pulling away slowly.
"I missed you too." I echoed Brooklyn. I brought her over to my bed and she climbed herself on. Our relationship had grown since I asked her, we were moving slow, so were Emma and Harry. Brooklyn laid next to me, and I moved closer. I held her hand, more chills running up my body; I looked over at her and smiled. She smiled, and looked back around at the high ceilings. "You like my bedroom?" I broke the silence of the background love songs on my stereo, dimmed low.
"Yeah, a lot. First time I've been in here."
"I wanted to save it for a special time, so now it's a special time."
"How so?" Our voices were calm and low, since it was night. I quickly slipped on some long pyjama shorts and answered.
"I just wanted to show you, because you never saw it... And I felt bad." She laughed a little... "What? I'm serious." I added.
"Okay," she paused. " it's just that's your reason. It's okay I still love you as much."
"And I love you more."

I slowly woke up, trying not to wake Brooklyn. Hours had passed, and it was morning. I let Brooklyn let her have her sleep, I kissed her on the forehead and slowly tiptoed out of the room. I held on to her close last night, she was having nightmares, I felt bad for her, I wonder what they were about.

Brooklyn's POV

I woke up an hour after Niall slipped out of bed. I had those horrible nightmares again, about how if he left, I would miss him too much. I slipped out of bed and realized I was in Niall's bedroom. I had slept with him, for the first time.

Jeez. Get yourself together.

I found a bathroom in his room and slipped all my clothes off. I turned on the shower and stepped into it. I washed my body and turned it off quickly. I dried myself and slipped back on my pyjamas. I walked out as if nothing happened....

But got caught by Niall.

"Look who's awake. Enjoy the shower?" Niall said.
"Yeah, it was refreshing."
"Not as good as this." He sealed his lips onto mine. After I let go, I looked him in the eyes.
"Tricky bastard." I spat out.
"Now now Brooklyn, what do I say about language..."
"You never told me anything...." I tried booked it out of the room, only to get snatched up on the air by Niall and thrown on the bed. I was kicking and screaming in laughter. And he jumped on beside me.
"Back where we were."
"Yeah." I said. Niall was so sweet.

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