Double Trouble

Hi, my names are Emma and this is Brooklyn Hughes. We're twin sisters. We are like one and another a lot an we both had to leave our home since our parents are not the best for eachother. One day, I met a curly haired boy named Harry, but little did I know my twin sister had as well, and the boy thinks we are the same person. How should I - I mean we - how should we tell him?


36. Chapter 36:

Emma's POV

As we waved goodbye to the boys - except Niall - , they left. I didn't know what I was going to do about Zayn, and that kiss. He was super sweet, Harry was too.
"Emma.." A voice said.
"What?" I shot back.
"Were you daydreaming?"
"Yeah, sorta." Now that I thought of it.

Wait what???

"Who is this?" I said, rubbing my eyes, hard.
"It's Harry." He spun me around only to find our eyes locked.
"Oh okay." I flirted. I found myself laying on the sofa, with Harry by my side.
"Hey Harry is Emma awake?" Louis said walking towards him.
"Yeah, she's fine."
"Wait what happened?" I said shooting myself off the couch.
"Oh nothing, you were tired.." Harry said.
"Ok?" I questioned. I piled up all the blankets I was covered in and threw them to the side. Harry came over and hugged me from behind.
"So. I was thinking..." he whispered into my ear , "maybe we could have what we had before.. The date, that party," all the memories were coming back from those nights. Nothing bad happened then. "and I was wondering if you'd like to be mine?"

All this pressure was laid against me, Harry asking me to be his, Zayn kissing me.
"You can think about it, and we'll tell no one." He whispered once more. No one was in the room at the moment, some were outside, some were upstairs.
"Harry, I-I... I love you." His eyes lit up. "Yes." I didn't even think about the other.
"I love you too." He said back. I kissed him on the cheek, which quickly led to the lips. I shifted around and grabbed him by the waist. I let go of the kiss.

That memorable kiss.

"C'mon, help me clean up." I said.
"Which mess?"
I laughed. "There's only one mess Harry."
"Right." He pointed to the blankets and the pillows on the carpet.
Suddenly, he picked me up — wow he's strong— and carried me bridal style. He shot me a smile and threw me gently into the blankets, then ran over and wrapped me up.
"Wow, you look so cute." He sat down beside me and laughed.
"Shut up. Remember I love you."
"And I'm not going to let that change."

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