Double Trouble

Hi, my names are Emma and this is Brooklyn Hughes. We're twin sisters. We are like one and another a lot an we both had to leave our home since our parents are not the best for eachother. One day, I met a curly haired boy named Harry, but little did I know my twin sister had as well, and the boy thinks we are the same person. How should I - I mean we - how should we tell him?


32. Chapter 32:

Chapter 32-

Brooklyn's POV

It was the best feeling in the world right now, coming home.
"Can we stop worrying about all now and relax?" I said.
"Of course!" Emma replied. She was glad this runaway was over, and so was I. Niall opened the door, to see a calm, peaceful home. I ran upstairs and changed into somehow decent clothes, throwing out the old ones. I walked downstairs where Emma and Niall had smiles on their faces.
"What? I'm only wearing a baggy shirt and sweats." I said.
"Yeah we know, just happy to see you." Emma said, her voice smile dulling from her cheeks. "Wow locking you up changed you." Niall said.
"Not really, besides struggling to fit into a doggy door. That I'll never do again." They laughed. I walked down to the basement with Niall, where Emma vented around upstairs, probably missing Harry.
"Hey Niall.." I said gently. I was finally going to tell him what I wanted to.
"Yeah? Wanna watch a mo-" he paused as I about to cut him off.
"No, I don't want to do anything, besides love you. Niall, when I was in there, I learnt that life can end a lot sooner than you think. That's why I wanna ask you this. Niall, will you take the honour, of being my boyfriend?" He had no answer, except for a kiss. He let go, looking happy.
"Yes." He smiled, taking short breaths.
"I'm so glad. Having the best day ever."
"Yeah. Me too." I continued. "So, should we tell Emma?"
"Nah, Im having the lads coming to meet you two later this week."
"That's great! She'll be able to see Harry."
"Didn't you go on a date with him as well?"
"Yeah, it was great. Just staying here with you is way better."
"D'awww, you're so sweet." Niall said. I blushed. He pecked me quickly on the lips and got up.
"What's wrong?" I said.
"Grabbing the phone." He laughed. My mouth made an "o".
"You don't have to call them right now.."
"I should, I have a sense that Emma misses Harry.."
"It seems doesn't it? We'll be glad to see Louis again as well." I smiled. Niall looked confused. "We met him a long time ago, way before this happened." I was referring to how I got kidnapped.
"Oh okay.." He forgot to dial the number, and sat down with me. I cuddled up to him, embracing the moment.

Harry's POV

"So, what you're telling me, is that you hardly tried?" Liam said.
"Yeah, they found her and she's fine." I swayed my arms. "Niall talked to me about wanting to see them again, and he wants you four to come with."
"Really?" They all said , sounding tired.
"Yes! Louis you knew about this, about them. Besides it's twins, and you can tell them apart." They sighed in relief. Emma wasn't exactly mine , I didn't kiss her.. I didn't know about Brooklyn, if she was with Niall. The boys could flirt on anyone of them as far as I'm concerned. "So, are you four going?" They nodded with smiles. "Great. We go there friday, be ready."
"Okay, got it." Liam said. They all ran upstairs and vented around.
"I'll be right up!" I said. They were probably heading to the practice room, if not, I would go in there anyways and practice some of my songs. I could hear them yelling and laughing at each other in joy, while I missed Emma. A lot.

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