Double Trouble

Hi, my names are Emma and this is Brooklyn Hughes. We're twin sisters. We are like one and another a lot an we both had to leave our home since our parents are not the best for eachother. One day, I met a curly haired boy named Harry, but little did I know my twin sister had as well, and the boy thinks we are the same person. How should I - I mean we - how should we tell him?


21. Chapter 21:

Brooklyn's POV

I was On my way to this "bar 61", I began to think. Maybe he's the one, I don't know. I had to refresh my memory a little bit. His name is Harry, he's British (of course), I met him at the party.. What else, oh yeah, and he asked me on a date. I looked in the rear view mirror, I pulled my hair to the side while I was stopped at a red light. Looked again, I should keep it like this, I look a little different.. And it matches better with the jacket. Green light flashed. I continued driving. I wasn't far. I clicked on the radio, Demons by Imagine Dragons came on. I loved the beat. Not only that, it was my depression song. Thinking back at all those memories.. I found myself Jamming in my car, singing a little to the lyrics, I probably looked like a complete fool. Next song came on, apparently it was an Imagine Dragons music marathon. Kept me going. It was called Fallen. I could remember it only by it's solo. I didn't jam too much to this one, cause I was here. I dimmed down the radio and parallel parked the car. I waited, pinning my hair so it stayed in place. I texted Harry to let him know I was here.

Harry's POV

I waited at the entrance of bar 61, I reserved me and Brooklyn a spot for 8:00. It was around 7:55, I didn't know. My phone buzzed off. It was Brooklyn.
Brooklyn: hey, I'm here
Harry: white jacket, pink shirt right?
Brooklyn: yeah. :)
Harry: I'll find ya, wait a minute.
Brooklyn: okai.

I scoured the sidewalk to find a girl, white jacket and pink top, jamming to Demons by Imagine Dragons. It just about ended when I said.
"Are you Harry?" She said.
"Yes, love." I guided my hands up and down my body to show myself off. "Come out, I'll bring you in."
"Sure." She shot a smile at me. I escorted her out of her car. She reminded me of Marilyn Monroe, perfect curves, that smile. The only slight change was the brown wavy hair, pulled to the side. The server let us in gathering my last name, this place was exclusive, you had to reserve early or else. We both sat down, Brooklyn looked down at the table, I wasn't sure why.

Brooklyn's POV

Oh my gosh. This was so awkward to start. When we sat down, I checked my phone the last time, clicked on my camera and shot myself a look. I didn't look like Emma, I liked that. I turned off my phone for our "date" and placed it In my purse. Yes I have a purse. I looked up, Harry laughed a little.
"Is something wrong?" I said, looking back.
"No no, just.. I don't know.." He said.
"Don't worry," I was reaching for his fingertips across the circular table, " I'm nervous too."
"Yeah." I smiled. I felt happy to go out, when Emma stayed in, it was usually the other way around.
"Tell me about yourself." He said.
"Well," I didn't know where to start, Emma, Niall, I didn't want to spill it all out just yet. "I moved to London with someone, we share an apartment, we had that party, nothing else really."
"I see," he said. "Um, I have to ask something.."
"Sure, go ahead." It couldn't be something more awkward than this date.
"At that party, your party. I danced with you, in your eyes I could see there was something on your mind, what was it?" Okay, officially.. Um.. Indescribable. I refreshed my memory, I was crying that night, maybe that's what Harry ment, I couldn't lie, I could just tell him that.
"Well." I looked down, I almost cried.
"Brooklyn?" He looked over the table, "if you don't wanna tell me you don't have too."
"I need to tell someone," I said. "What you saw, I was crying, I was drunk, I just couldn't take it, I didn't tell anyone until after the party, but I kinda suffered depression from my parents kicking us out, that's it. It's over now." I didn't cry at all, I actually felt stronger saying it.
"Love, I'm soo sorry." Harry said.
"It's not your fault." A waiter came over to us and said to Harry:

"Sir, this is an exclusive restaurant, we cannot have her crying."
"Of course, I will bring my girlfriend to the bathroom. She will be fine." I looked up, he tipped the waiter and brought me up to the bathroom. On our way running there, I thought: What the hell! Harry just called me his girlfriend.. Like what. He slammed open the door, holding the latch so I could go in. He walked me over to the sink. He lifted my head up and I looked myself in the mirror.

"There." He said.
"I look hideous!" I said, my mascara was ruined.
"No, this is what you looked like, exactly like that."
"I'm so sorry again. This is the *laughs* second time I've cried in front of you."
"It's fine. Trust me. If you wanna just take-out we'll do that and eat in your car." I laughed, that was sweet and a first date mess up/fix up.
"Wait here." He said. He ran out of the bathroom. I pulled out a sheet of the dispenser and wiped my eyes, it looked better. I evened it out. There. Maybe my foundation was bad but yeah, It didnt matter, I always felt better around Harry... And Niall. *sigh*. Suddenly someone latched open the door.. It wasn't Harry but.. Another girl. His guy couldn't come in cause it was a girls bathroom. Then why did Harry come in? Rebel.
"Babe it was a mistake!!!" He screamed out. She tried running back out there, screaming:
"YOU CHEAT!!! I CAME TO HAVE A DATE WITH YOU.. you.." I calmed her down, pulling her back.
"Shhh, shh." She hugged me. "Just tell me what's wrong."
"Well, I came here for a date with my boyfriend, and caught him kissing another girl, on a date WITH HER!!" Yep, she knew he was still out there.
"Babe, I can explain." He said. You heard footsteps walking away in depression.
"C'mon, go wipe off your tears." She went to the furthest sink and did almost the same steps as I did. Harry walked in with our take-out.

"Love, I have it.." He gave me a little box. I took a quick look at it. Chinese?
"They serve Chinese here?" I said. He laughed.
"Yeah, amazing what you can get." We were almost about to walk out, when I almost forgot about the girl.
"Harry, hold my take-out." I said. A little sassy but I helped his girl. I walked over to her. Her mascara was even more rubbed around her eyes. I took another paper towel- she had went through three now - and helped her out.
"Here." I said. It was completely off. She looked in the mirror and smiled.
"Thanks." She said.
"Sweetie, before i leave, I didn't get your name.." I said.
"My name's Perrie." She had this beautiful blonde hair, short, almost like my moms. A little longer though. We were all born brunettes, my mom changed for my dad.
"You?" Perrie said.
"Brooklyn, this is Harry." I glimpsed at him, he smiled and waved with his full hands. "Well Perrie, nice meeting you."
"You too," I said. We walked out of the bathroom, my tears all cleared up and my mascara all washed off. We walked out of the restaurant and sat in my car, and ate the takeout.

Perrie's POV

They both walked out of the bathroom. I knew Harry, his eyes meeting mine, he was Zayn's band mate. Of course I did. I just couldn't believe Zayn cheated on me, I couldn't just move on, what to tell my two best friends. All of a sudden I noticed a piece of folded paper on the non wet part of the wet floor. I unfolded it and it said : Brooklyn's cell. I forgot her phone number. Nice. I placed it in the pocket of my ripped jeans and walked out confidently.

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