Double Trouble

Hi, my names are Emma and this is Brooklyn Hughes. We're twin sisters. We are like one and another a lot an we both had to leave our home since our parents are not the best for eachother. One day, I met a curly haired boy named Harry, but little did I know my twin sister had as well, and the boy thinks we are the same person. How should I - I mean we - how should we tell him?


16. Chapter 16:

Emma's POV

*BEEP! , BEEP!, BEEP!* I heard this noise jittering close to my ears. I opened my eyes a little, the ceiling was white and square. I opened my eyes a little more. Where the hell was I? I looked to my right. Of course, I was in a hospital. But why? I knew what the patient rooms looked like, so I reached my arm to the side and pressed the button. Immediately a nurse came in and said.
"She's awake!" She said. The nurse had short blonde hair and was wearing a white nurse outfit. She re-pressed the button and the doctor came in.
"What's wrong with me?" I said.
"Nothing's wrong with you, Emma. You scraped your leg and we brought you to the hospital." He said. He fixed his coat.
"Can i-I see it?" I said. I tried getting up, but was too weak.
"Not right now. We have it covered up."
"Will I be okay?" I said, my voice was getting weaker.
"You should rest." He taped my shoulder and left. I was gonna say something, but then stopped. The nurse stayed with me.
"If you need anything, tell me." She said. She sat down on one of the visitor chairs

I finally laid my hands flat and pressured them to get the top half of my body up. Yes. Got it. I looked around the room. I could see a clear view of what type of chamber I was in. It wasn't bad. A closet to the left, a couple visitors chairs, a bed and a bathroom. My clothes were laying on the floor - wait, what?-. I looked at myself and I was wearing a hospital gown, the ones with the butt flap. Great. I thought to myself; "how long was I going to be in here?" And "was I going to be okay?" Great. Two weeks in London and something already happened.

All of a sudden, the telephone rang. The nurse answered it. It took her a while until she hung up. I leaned my body forward to hear in what she was gonna say.
"There is a visitor or two here for you." She said.
"Really?" I said in shock.
"Yes, they should let them in in a while."
"Okay." I was wondering who it was. Was it Harry or Louis? Or was it Brooklyn and Niall?

Niall's POV
"Looks like we're here." I said to Brooklyn. We walked in the hospital and walked up to the counter.
"Hello. Can we visit Emma Hughes?" I said to the lady.
"Are you family?" She said fixing up her glasses.
"Yes." Brooklyn said. I looked at her with my eyes popping out of my head. All she did was smile.
"Okay, then. I'll get you some passes." She took out some passes and gave each of us one.
"Thanks." I said. We sat down and looked at Brooklyn. She was shaking a little.
"Are you okay?"
"I can't believe I said that, and that this is actually happening.." She said. I grabbed her hand, she squeezed it.
"It's going to be okay.." I said. The doctor came to us and said.
"You two are relatives of Emma Hughes?" We both nodded. "Come with me." We followed him to a room. He held the doorknob.
"Now," he said, "Emma is resting right now. So don't... Yeah." We nodded. He opened the door and Emma was wide awake.

"Emma?" Brooklyn said.
"Brooklyn..BROOKLYN!" Emma said. Brooklyn did go over to hug her. She hugged her gently.
"I don't wanna hurt you more."
"Of course." They let go.
"Hi Emma. Are you okay?" I hugged her.
"Feeling better i guess. Thanks for being there for me guys."
"Welcome." We said in sync.

"So," I said to the doctor, "what happened anyways?"
"Why don't you tell them Emma. The last thing you remember." He said.
"Well, I had supper with Harry, then I thought he was going on this.. dark personality on me again, so we paid quickly and I left. I drove back in my car and next thing you know Brooklyn sees my leg all bloody and gross." Emma said.
"Any way you got in the car?" He said.
"Well, I jumped over the car door and shifted myself to the drivers seat." Emma said. He snapped his fingers and got up off the bed he was gently sitting on.
"Exactly what happened. That's how you cut your leg." He said. "You cut your leg on the car door, the way you got in the car.." We nodded. "Well, we have to get you two to leave, we are doing Emma's x-rays now." We nodded. Brooklyn was still holding my hand.
"We understand." I said in a professional voice. Me and Brooklyn left the room and gave our visitor passes back. We got in the elevator and I pressed the button. The door closed.
"So, what do you want to do when you get back?" I said to break the ice.
"Maybe I'm just gonna rest, to much has happened." She said.
"Whatever you want." The elevator door opened and we got in the car. I escorted Brooklyn and opened her car door. I started the car and left the hospital. Brooklyn looked out the window and just stared the whole. entire . ride.

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