Double Trouble

Hi, my names are Emma and this is Brooklyn Hughes. We're twin sisters. We are like one and another a lot an we both had to leave our home since our parents are not the best for eachother. One day, I met a curly haired boy named Harry, but little did I know my twin sister had as well, and the boy thinks we are the same person. How should I - I mean we - how should we tell him?


11. Chapter 11:

Niall's POV

I drove up around the corner from my flat. I parked the car and started walking. I turned to the corner, when suddenly Emma and Brooklyn stopped, they looked scared. There was a man behind them in a black, mysterious outfit, approaching them. I started running to get them. They didn't notice me. I stopped to catch my breath. I looked down on the sidewalk. I never noticed the shiny bits of gold. Never mind, I looked up, and the man was gone , so were Emma and Brooklyn.

Brooklyn's POV
The man was approaching us from behind, I was really scared. I kept on squeezing Emma's hand until , suddenly, a guy in suspenders ran up to us and said to the man.
"Hey! Don't you have somewheres else to go?" I looked back, the man ran away, but I saw him peeking from across the street. "Suspenders" saw it too. He grabbed me and Emma and pulled us to the nearest ally. He examined us.
"So, we have ourselves a couple of sisters.." He said.
"Actually were tw-" he cut me off.
"It doesn't matter.. I practically saved your lives."
"And yes, thank you for that." I said.
"So, who the hell are you?" Emma said. I nudged her with my elbow.
"I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson." He said.
"Nice to meet you." We said in sync.

All of a sudden Niall stepped forward and said.
"Girls! I found you!"
"Niall!'' We both said in sync. We went over and gave him a hug. I noticed by the view that Louis looked jealous. I should introduce him to Niall.
"Niall, this is Louis..." I said, showing him to Niall.

Niall's POV
"Niall, this is Louis." Brooklyn said. I looked at Lou like we didn't know each other. I walked over to them.
"Nice to meet you Louis.." I gave him a bro hug, then whispered in his ear.
"Play along, the girls don't know." He nodded. "Louis, would you like to come and visit my flat with the girls?" I added.
"Sure, why not." He said. I smiled. The girls lead the way. As I unlocked the door, the girls mouths dropped.

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