Description: Zara Mia Hayes is a socially awkward, headstrong, loser, wallflower, and not wanted person. She has issues at home and has amazing friends just like her but different in their own way. She has long brown curly hair, golden eyes, light olive colored skin, short (5'3), and has some freckles. Her friends Rya Rosie Duncan, Joy Lee Ross, and Kylan Myles are the bestfriends anyone could have. Rya has pink hair, blue eyes, white, and tall (5'7) She is crazy, funny, kind, and sensitive. Joy has green hair, blue/green eyes, white, tall (5'9), and has a lip piercing. She is headstrong, somewhat easygoing, and calm at times. Kylan has brown hair, dark brown eyes, tall (6'5) and tan. He is kind, easygoing, doesn't like drama, and strong. For Zara her life is hard at home. Her father had left when she was young and her mother had changed ever since that day. Her mother became alcoholic and abusive....... Read story to find out more!


1. A new Day

I sigh and scribble out the lyrics I wrote down. Come on Harry think! I look down at the lyrics and read them over in my head 'Don't try to make me stay or ask if I'm okay.. I don't have the answer.' That's all I had so far. "Lad what's gotten into ya?" Niall asks. I shake my head. "I don't know. I can't seem to write the new song I'm working on." I say sighing. "Well we have to go lad! Let's go you have to go to your new school!" Niall says trying to hold back a laugh. "Hazza we wish we could come with you but we already finished school. You didn't." Liam says patting my back. "Hop off lads! I only have to finish one year!" I yell frustrated. "Harry calm yourself as for the others, you all need to stop pestering my son." My mom says sticking up for me. I smile. "Thanks mum." I say hugging her. "Mum we will drive Harry to his new school!" Louis says. "Alright thank you loves." My mum says. We walk outside to the tour bus. 

Driving to the school didn't take long it was only about 20 minutes from home. We pull up to school and a bunch of girls scream and gather around the bus. I step out and my bodyguard steps in front of me. "Ladies let the man through he doesn't want to be attacked by all you girls." He says. I look around and see three girls and one boy. They didn't run up to me at all. One girl fascinated me the most. She was the shortest out of the group. She was gorgeous. "Hi I'm Tahlia Chambers I know so much about you. We would be the perfect couple." Someone purs in my ear. I turn to look at the girl. She was pretty but I didn't like her. She just wasn't my type. "And I'm not interested." I said while walking away. I looked around trying to find the girl but I didn't see her. Walking into my first class I was greeted with a swarm of girls. I see her sitting in the back by herself looking at the desk. I push my way through the crowd and walk up to the teacher and introduce myself. "Well Mr.Styles I'll have someone show you around the school. Lets see." He looks at the students in the class and  every girls hand shoots up except my girl. "Ah. Ms. Zara come up and introduce yourself you will be showing Mr. Styles around." He says. Her head shoots up and she looks me right in the eyes. Ohhh those eyes they are amazing. She gets up and starts walking to the front of the room. Someone trips her and the entire class starts laughing. A girl with pink hair helps her up. She thanks that girl and keeps walking to the front of the room. "Hello I'm Zara  Mia Hayes." She says holding out her hand. I shake it and feel shocks. She gasps and jerks her hand away. I guess she felt that too.  I smile fondly. She really is beautiful. "Come on love show me around." I say taking her hand in mine. I feel the shocks again. 

-Zara's POV-

Oh gosh how embarrassing. Me tripping and now the shocks. At least  Rya was there to help me up. Usually I would yell at the class mates and tell them to stop bullying me but he made me forget. Rya is one of the bestest friends I have. Now he's holding my hand. Gosh he makes me melt. We walk out of the class room. He's still holding my hand. "Um Mister you can let go of me now." I say nervously. He looks at me and smiles. I smile back a bit. "No need to be afraid of me love I won't bite." He says. Oh my he called me love. "I'm not nervous! Stop calling me love. My name is Zara Mia and I expect you to call me Zara." I say angrily. He chuckles. "Alright Love." he says. I sigh frustrated. I walk down the hall with him close behind.  

I show him around until lunch time. He goes straight for the food but I go and grab my lunch out of my locker and run off to find my friends. I sit down under the oak tree that they were all sitting at. "So Z what happened with you and Mister Styles?" Rya asks in a mock british accent. "Ugh he frustrates me so much. He calls me love even when I tell him not to. He's hot but I have a feeling he's like the rest of all the other players and bullies. He's probably exactly like Ty Daniels." I say angrily. They all look away from me. What the? Joy lee points behind me. Oh crap. I turn around slowly then I look up. Yep there he is staring at me smirking. "So you think I'm hot but you think I'm just like all the other boys? Well I have news love. I'm not like all them. I can prove it to you if you want." He says still smirking but looking devastated. "Alright go ahead and prove it but I'm just a nobody and you're somebody. People like you don't hang out with people like me." I say. I'm not wanted at all. "What do you mean people like you and people like me?" He asks. "You're popular and wanted. I'm not I'm a social outcast. No one wants me. Everyone hates me. You have it perfect. I have a horrible life." I say almost in tears. His eyes are filled with sadness, regret, confusion, and want. He quickly becomes emotionless. "That's not true. I like you. I'm not perfect none of us are. I'm not popular. I don't want to be popular I want to be myself." He says. "Whatever just go sit with all the other people." I say turning around. I hear footsteps and I know he's walking away. "Wow Z that was... Awesome!! You go girl!" Joy lee says. I just shrug it off and go back to eating. What a new day. Sighing I continue eating and chatting with my friends. 

-Harry's POV-

Wow. I've never been talked to like that before. I don't know why but it affected me quite a bit. Man this girl is getting to me. It's just something about her that makes her so.... so irresistible. 

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