Stuck in the Moment

I had a normal life, family, and friends. All of that. Until my mom and dad decided to get a divorce... it changed my life dramatically. New state, school, it was terrible, until I met him....


5. The ride.

       I layed in my bed, with this huge smile on my face. I still couldn't get over what had just happened. It was something that would've happened in a dream. I rolled over and checked my phone to see what time it was, it was 4:57 a.m. I had basically 1 hour of sleep. F U C K. I tried my best to go to sleep but I couldn't, I don't know why, I just couldn't. I wanted 6:00 to come fast because that would mean I'd get to see Justin. Somehow I had finally fallen asleep, then my mom came upstairs to wake me up. "KARA, ITS TIME TO GET UP." I dreaded was only the first day and I had managed to only get 1 hour of sleep. i got up, fixed my hair put on my outfit for the day when i heard the doorbell ring. I was curious who it would be because it was 6:00 in the morning..."KARA, JUSTIN IS AT THE DOOR AND HE HAS TOLD ME HE CAN TAKE YOU TO SCHOOL, IF YOU WANT TO." "Ok mom!" i said. I couldn't wait. Justin, wanted to take, ME, to school. OMG. i have to look my best today. He looked at me like he was in a daze. "wow." he said, with this goofy look on his face. I blushed. "Are you ready to go?" he said then winked. "yeah," I said, smiling. "Okay, after you beautiful." i couldn't help but smile. "have a good day hun!" my mom said as i walked out the door. "I'll try!" i said. "ill bring Kara home from school if you need me too." Justin said to my mom.

"that would be nice because i have work until 4"

"okay mom we're leaving now.."

"okay be good!"

-------------------------------IN THE CAR-------------------------------

it was so awkward, it was quiet and we just sat there in silence.

Justin;"are you nervous?"


Justin;"youre first day of school, are you nervous?"

me;"not really. I've done this before."

Justin;" so you move around a lot?"

me;"ive moved like 3 times, not that many times."

Justin;"Oh, I've never even left California."




Justin;"yeah, but anyway, do you think you'll stay in California for a while.?"

Me;"yeah, my mom loves it here and her job too."

Justin;"thats good."

me;"why do you say that?" i said laughing.

Justin;"Because you know how in movies the hot girl moves in next to a guy? well that's kind of how it feels, like you're really hot, and you live across from me."

me;"i'm not 'hot'"

Justin; "are you kidding me? have you looked in the mirror lately? You are hot as fuck."

i blushed mega time.

Justin;"and i mean youre so cute, like I'll say something nice to you and get red as a tomato, it so cute."

me;"thanks i guess." i said, once again, blushing.

Justin;"you know this is weird, yesterday was the first time i met you. But i really like  you. I know its weird but i don't know." he said looking embarrassed. "we're here."

me;"oh okay."

Justin;"i'll just drop you off here and meet you inside."

me;"okay, see ya."

Justin;" sya sexy" he said biting his lip.


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