Stuck in the Moment

I had a normal life, family, and friends. All of that. Until my mom and dad decided to get a divorce... it changed my life dramatically. New state, school, it was terrible, until I met him....


1. The Move.

               "Kara! it's time to get up, time to go!" I heard my mom yelling for me. "I'm coming mom!" Today was the day we move from Kentucky all the way to California...

"I don't see you Kara!" mom, still yelling at me. "I told you. I am coming!" she was so impatient when it comes to these things. I look around my room, it was so empty. All of the sudden my door slammed open, "Kara, our plane leaves in 30 minutes. If you want to make it on time you best be getting ready, NOW." "Why are you in such a hurry anyway. Maybe I don't want to go.."

"I really don't care right now Kara, get ready or you're leaving just like that."

"FINE, get out"

"be down in 5, I mean it this time."


anyway, as I was saying, my mom and dad have recently split up, over the stupidest reasons. I don't even know, and since my mom hates my dad, and he hates her, she has decided to just take me and move to California, YAY.

I got dressed, got all of my bags, looked at my room one last time. ALL the memories came back. It even brought some tears to my face.. I wasn't going to look like a prick so I splashed some water on face, went outside to the car without turning back...


       ****ON THE PLANE****

"I'm so excited, there is way more stuff to do in California, you'll love it!" said my mom, trying to make me feel better.

"That's nice, maybe I like doing nothing." I said.

"Kara, if you're going to have an attitude and be a total butt this whole time, I guarantee you'll have no fun."


That was the last time we talked the whole plane ride to California, I know mom was mad, but I didn't care. I did NOT want to move here. At all..


**comment if you want me to make more!*

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