Stuck in the Moment

I had a normal life, family, and friends. All of that. Until my mom and dad decided to get a divorce... it changed my life dramatically. New state, school, it was terrible, until I met him....


3. something about this guy...

       "hello Justin" my mother. "I have a daughter, shes about your age. Let me go get her for you."

oh no. I'm NOT ready at all. I look like crap, and I have to meet probably the most hottest guy in the world right now...uh NO.

"Kara! we have visitors, come out and say hi."


"Kara, just come out for 5 seconds and meet our new neighbors."

I was so screwed. What would he think of me? Oh God he is Just so gosh...

"KARA 5, 4, 3---"

"I'm coming! god.."


Justin kept looking up the stairs for me, "so her name is Kara?"

"yes it is." My mom said.

"That's a very," Justin said laughing.

My mom started laughing,"I'm sorry, she can be a complete buttwhole sometimes."

I came running down the stairs, next to my mom.

"hey.." Justin said to me.

"hey...." I said back.

it was an awkward moment of silence, I'm not really sure who was saying what if even anything was said.

"karaaa, anybody in there...?"

"who-at-uh. Sorry mom."

Pattie looked at her watch.."well Justin, I think we ought to go home and let them finish up the business they have to do to this house, and remember, if you need ANY help at all, don't be afraid to call or come over  at aby time!"

"okay, thank you so much for the fruits and flowers, and we will don't worry."

"haha okay, well it was nice to meet you Kara." she shook my hand

"nice to meet you too!"

'bye kara." said Justin and he winked.

'bye Justin." I said smiling.

'Nice to meet you both ladies." he said

"it was nice to get to know you too!" my mom said.

"Bye guys!" said pattie, as Justin just kept looking

at me, like he was in a daze. He was the cutest thing ever, I couldn't get him out of my mind..



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