Stuck in the Moment

I had a normal life, family, and friends. All of that. Until my mom and dad decided to get a divorce... it changed my life dramatically. New state, school, it was terrible, until I met him....


6. first day of school

                            --at the school--

 so there I stood, right in front of the front doors to the highschool. I was really dreading walking in.. I didn't want to go without Justin at least, on the first day.... not noticing how I was jus standing there like a complete idiot, somebody grabbed me from behind, "WHAT THE FUCK!" I squealed.

"hey, calm down, its just me." Justin said with a smirk on his face.

"well you my friend, are an ass." I said, playfully punching him in the arm.

"hey I try, want to go in now?" he said still smirking.

"why not." I said.

We walked into the school and the hallways were almost empty..

"uh, Justin.." I said


"are we late or early?"

"early. I usually get here about 30 minutes before anybody else." he said.

"...why?" I asked. because that was literally the stupidest thing I had ever heard in my life.

"I don't know.. I just like getting here before the crowd, and I thought you would like to be here early so it wasn't as awkward for you."

well now it made sense, "okay, gotcha." I said.

"I guess we can just sit in the gym and hangout for the next 30 minutes." he said.

"sounds good to me."

he walked me to the gym and there was literally nobody here, not even a teacher.. like what the--.

"you know its nice being here alone with you." he said and smiled at me

"yea. it is." I said kind of blushing.

"so, have you ever had a boyfriend.. if you don't mind me asking?"

"uhm, ive had 1 serious one, but that's basically it, what about you, any girlfriends?" I knew that was a dumb question, I mean.. look at him... hes hot.

"a couple, maybe 5 or so... none were ever serious."

"oh.. cool"

"yeah, ever had your first kiss?" he asked.

"if you count a kiss on the cheek...from my mom." I said laughing.

he laughed to.

"no, I don't think they would count that."

"then no I haven't." I said, then I asked him, "have you?"

"actually, no I haven't... ive been waiting for the one.. you know like the perfect girl for me. I didn't feel anything special with the girlfriends before, but theres something about this girl, her beautiful smile, personality, kindness that i cant get out of my head. i feel closer to finding the one every moment i spend with you--."

-----------------------------Then the bell rang.--------------------------------

"we'll continue this later beautiful, ill see you at home." then he kissed me on the cheek.

"uh-h-uh, k." i said speechless. did that really Just happen....?

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