Stuck in the Moment

I had a normal life, family, and friends. All of that. Until my mom and dad decided to get a divorce... it changed my life dramatically. New state, school, it was terrible, until I met him....


4. Beautiful..

          My mom looked at me, "so what do you think about that Justin?" she said with a smile on her face.

"He seems okay." I said. But he was more than ok. He was Perfect.

"just okay?"


"Okay if you insist," she winked. "well its getting really late and you have school tomorrow, so go to bed, We'll clean up more tomorrow"

"okay" I said and went upstairs. I looked outside and I Saw Justin right across the street, he was outside.. shirtless playing basketball. OH. MY. GOD.

He was so hot.

I was sitting there just starring at him for a while, until he saw me. FUCK. He's gpnna think im some type of stalker..oh shit.

I closed my window really fast. This was so embarrassing, I was shaking.

Then I heard something hit my window...I looked outside to see what it was. It was Justin throwing little rocks at my window. He motioned me to come outside with him. I looked out of my bedroom door to see if mom was still up, all the lights were off, so I'm assuming she went to bed.

I close my door very carefully and climb out the window.

"well hey, you actually came." Justin said, and smiled.

"Yeah..' I  said laughing a little.

" I didn't get to introduce myself earlier like I would have liked to." he said and patted the ground next to him for me to sit there.

"I'm Justin, 17 and I think you're beautiful." My heart dropped. I started to blush.

"well let me introduce myself, Im kara, and im 16.."

"haha, is that it?" said Justin smirking.

"well there is one more thing."

"what is it beautiful."

"well you're cute." I said blushing the WHOLE time.

"Well thank you, I try.(;"

I couldn't help but laugh.

"do you like your house?" he said changing the subject.

"ehh, its okay. My room is terrible. but the rest of the house is ok."

"That's good, you like your neighbors?(;"

"Haha, yeah I like this one, man he is something..(;"

"oh really?(;"

"yeaa, but I'll have to tell you about him later. Im tired(;"

"aww c'mon, stay a little longer" he said with the CUTEST pouty face ever.

"Nahh, im tired Justin!"

"Oh fine."

"haha, bye."

I started to walk away, then Justin whistled at me. I turned around with a confused look.

"sorry, cant help it beautiful(;"

"oh sure." I said laughing. I was climbing on my roof to get to my window.

"KARA, before you go, put your number in my phone!"

"maybe tomorrow Justin, im TIRED." I said while laughing. My rejection was killing him.

"fine kara, no more abs for you.(; " then he put on his shirt.

"oh bummer." I said laughing sarcastically. 

"it is." he said laughing."bye beautiful see you tomorrow." then blew me a kiss.

"we'll see.(;"

"STOP IT!" He said still smiling.

"byeeeeee" I said laughing.

"bye beautiful." he said then went in his house.

I stood there and just thought about what just happened. a hot guy, probably the hottest guy alive talked to me, called me beautiful and everything.

Yea, lets just say.. Im starting to like California.



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