My Uncle's Rules

A Young girl named Rose finds out her mother is One Direction's wordrobe manager/ Make-up stylist. Her mother has planned for her to come with them on tour. Her mother gets sick and has Rose take over the job with her Strict Uncle, Simon Cowell, watching her every move. He gives her the stupidest rules that she must follow. The number one being "Don't get involved with the boys!". She is overtaken by Uncle Simon's ridiculous rules and decides that rules are ment to be broken, right?


35. Unexpected News

Rose's P.O.V. I leaned against the wall with Erica as we talked about anything and everything. ''I know! That's what I said! She so should've ended up with Gale!'' I said to Erica. She laughed. ''I guess were on the same page then.'' Erica replied with a smile. ''Did you get my text yesterday?'' She asked. I shook my head. ''No. What did it say?'' I replied. ''I sent you the new cover to Secrets. They started a new season and the cover is heaps cool!'' She answered. ''Oh cool.'' I said patting my pockets for my phone. ''I must of had left my phone in the van. Be right back.'' I said and stood up. I headed out the door and walked to the parking lot across the street where the van was parked. I opened the sliding door and saw my phone resting on the back seat. Must have slipped out of my pocket after texting Liam. I went to pick it up when a husky voice said ''hey'' to me nearly scaring the daylights out of me. ''Holy shit dude!'' I said smiling holding my hand over my heart. I turned around and saw Harry trying to hold in his laugh at my reaction. I quickly stoped smiling grabbed my phone and began to walk away. ''Rose.'' Harry said following me. I wouldn't reply. ''Rose!'' He repeated. Still I never even looked at him. I was now walking near the side of the studio when I felt large hands grab me and push me against the wall. I was about to scream when he covered my mouth with his hand. ''Listen to me.'' He whispeared with his face so close to mine. Any girl would kill to be in my position. On the other hand I probably would have killed him if he wasnt holding my hands above my head with all his strength. He removed his hand from my mouth. ''Why are you pinning my arms against the wall?'' I asked in frusturation of trying to break free. ''Because if I didn't I would probably be bleeding with scratches all over my face.'' He replied with a grin. ''Smart boy.'' I said and returned the smirk. ''Im going to let go of you now if you are willing to talk.'' Harry said. I nodded. ''Promise?'' He asked. ''Promise, promise.'' I assured. When he let go of me I slid down the wall and he sat next to me. For a minute we just sat there thinking then I finally blurted out in a whispear ''you really hurt me, ya know.'' He just looked at me. His eyes full of guilt. ''I know.'' He mumbled. ''Its just.....I've never felt this way about anyone. You've stopped me from doing pretty bad things. I don't know what's right and what's wrong anymore. My whole world is flipped and I have one thing on my mind.'' He finished. ''What?'' I asked. ''You Rose. My goal was to get you. I thought that you could saved me from everything that was going on at the time. I've shared some pretty big secrets with you that I've never told anyone.'' He said. ''Like how you wet the bed untill you were ten?'' I said. He laughed. ''That was a joke!'' He replied. I smiled bumping my sholder with his. ''Sure it was.'' I laughed jokingly. ''I said a lot of stupid things that I never should've said. I'm really sorry. When I'm around you I get nervous. I know that no excuse though.'' He said and looked up at me. ''Harry. I love you. In a brotherly way. I hate to see you like this. But something inside me tells me that we'' I said and pointed to him then back and me. ''Wont last very long in a relationship.'' I replied. He nodded. ''Yeah. I know. I just want to be friends again.'' He replied. I smiled. ''Me too.'' He pulled me in for a hug. ''Thanks for listening Rose.'' Harry said as we stood up from the ground. I nodded. We walked back into the studio. I walked over to Erica and told her everything. ''Im happy it all worked out.'' She said and hugged me. ''Rose.'' Harry said and poked my shoulder. I looked and he pointed to Niall. ''You should talk to him.'' Harry said. I shook my head. ''Hes mad at me. He doesn't even like me anymore.'' I said and stared directly at Harry. Harry grabbed my hand. ''Trust me. He's madly in love with you'' Harry replied. ''I gazed at Niall with a worried expression. ''Go on.'' Harry said. I gave his hand a squeeze and slowly walked towards Niall. Niall looked up suprised that I was there. ''Uh....hey.'' He said nervously. ''Im sorry Niall.'' I said. ''For what?'' He asked. I didn't really know. It just kinda came out. I was sorry for everything. Everything from when we met on the plane to when he cried at the hotel from what Liam told me.''For ignoring you.'' I said replied. ''Dont be. I really regret what I said to you yesterday. I'm just so used to it happening. A girl coming along and me falling for her but she likes another one of the boys.'' He replied. I took a step closer. ''Its not happening this time.'' I said and looked up at him. ''Your going to give me another chance and start all over?'' He said looking down at me. ''Hey. I'm Rose.'' I said and put stuck my hand out. He looked at me confused. ''Hello? I thought we were soposed to start all over.'' I said. He laughed. ''Not that far.'' He said as I felt his breaths hit my face. ''And why not?'' I asked. A sneaky grin apeared on his face. ''Because.'' He replied. ''It wouldn't be okay for me to do this.'' He answered and pulled me close to him. with his hands resting on my hips his lips gently pressed to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I heard a cough and me and Niall pulled away. I saw Zayn coughing hinting us to stop. I laughed at this. I saw Liam and Louis holding out their phones and Louis yells out ''Kodak moment!'' Me and Niall laugh. I noticed Harry wasn't there. I looked out the glass door on the other side of the studio and saw a police officer talking to Harry. I told the boys and we all went out. Harry's eyes were red and puffy. He had been crying. ''Harry! What's wrong?'' I ask franticly. The police officer looks at me. ''Are you Ms. Rosetta Blackman?'' The officer asks. I nodd. ''I have some tragic news for you miss. Your mother had been driving here to meet with you when a drunk driver crashed into her car. ''Oh my gosh! Is she okay?'' I asked. I almost fainted at the words that I was told that night. from that moment on I was no longer the same. I had changed. I no longer lived freely. ''No Miss. Rosetta. You mother was killed.''
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